Monday 27 January 2014

Favourite Things Party

Last weekend was full of fun!  Friday night was the kick off for the third round of Splurge Sorority featuring a Favourite Things Party!  Each person selected a favourite thing ($20 limit) then brought two of it to the party.  We then put our names in the hat twice, each drew two names and gave our two favourites to those ladies.  You walk in with your favourite, and leave with two of someone else's favourites!  This is my, er, favourite, kind of girly party and can easily be adapted for other situations and price points.  I once hosted a Favourite Things bridal shower, and every year I try to con encourage my work colleagues into a Favourite Things Christmas party.  I have never taken the same thing, and never seen anyone bring the same thing as anyone else!  It is always intriguing seeing what everyone selected and hearing their reason behind it.  Great way to get to know new Splurge Sisters and learn more about old friends!  Here are the Favourite Things of SS3:
She Does Create Arm Party piece and my current favourite lip product - Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Romantic
Fresh cut flowers - tulips especially!
Necklaces from Laura and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Via (not shown)
If bubbly is your favourite, you're in the right group!
If chocolate and scarves are your favourite, you're in the right group!
Fancy ponytail elastic and the perfect shade of O.P.I. pink - Senorita Rosalita!
Ice cream sundae care package!!  
Gotta love a sista that buys pistachio almond ice cream by the 5-gallon bucket!
Lipstick Queen surrounded by Kiehl's and Jo Malone perfume samples!
When your favourite hobby is crocheting, beautiful handmade scarves are a natural choice!
Now we all want a wallet like this.
Starbucks, cozy socks and a "Best of My Days" calendar to capture all the awesome from 2014!

Love love love seeing all this!  After we exchanged favourites, we had an extensive discussion about other favourite things including...
And so on...!   

Now it's your turn!  What is your favourite thing?  We want to hear about it so comment away and share the love for your favourite things!
My favourite things are orange pants, outfits inspired by Instagram and using selfies to add some spice to laundry.
Oh, and did I mention thrifting?


  1. Stila Stay all day eyeliner is awesome and its all i use (you know, on those 2 days a week I get out of bed with enough time to apply eyeliner)

  2. You are so much FUN!!! MISS YOU!-mmm


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