Tuesday 28 January 2014

Colour Challenge

Okay okay, I did say that Black Out Style does not necessarily mean going colour-crazy but for those of us who are into our fourth week of no-black, the last few days could be the hardest.  SO, to keep you heading down the homestretch, I have a(nother) challenge for you: put together the most colourful outfit you can!  This will depend on what you have in your wardrobe though I by all means endorse hitting your nearest favourite thrift shop for colourful pieces!  Let's say that if you share a pic, you get a bonus entry for the fab fox pendant!  So comment here, email me, tweet me, post on Facebook or Instagram with #BlackOutStyle to increase your chances for accessories.  You can also connect with my co-host Sarah (please picture us walking on stage at the Academy Awards, that is the image I'm aiming for) and keep reading her awesome Black Out Style posts!

Need a little colour inspiration?  Turn to my colour muse, Elisa Nalin!  I have studied photos of her impeccable style and can only discern one uniting theme... go forth with attitude!  She obviously wears what makes her heart happy, and this true style is what makes all of her crazy colour combos work!  Here's a few of her looks piquing my interest tonight...


 This is making me want to move to France.

Here is a step-by-step guide to this challenge:
  1. Grab some colourful pieces that make you smile.
  2. Put them all on together.
  3. Go forth with attitude.
  4. Talk French or Italian if you can.
This challenge is due by Friday, just in time to wrap up Black Out Style!  If you like planning ahead, get ready for Black Saturday where we bring black back!  It will be epic.

Leaving you with a couple shots of my "conservative colour" from the other day...
Accessories from my closet
 Not *exactly* Elisa Nalin but comfy slouchy tealy awesome all the same.


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    1. That was awesomely colourful! It could count unless you want to finish the month even bolder!


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