Friday 10 January 2014

Golden Pants

I wasn't sure whether I would post about this Black Out Style outfit, but then all three of my children complimented me on my "golden pants," and it is remarkable because a) they usually don't pay much attention to what I wear, and b) they all agreed on something!!!  Now if I could just get them to all eat the same thing at the same time.... (no the pants didn't help with that tonight)
Golden pants $3 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe
Chambray tunic $3.50, mustard tank $4.20 VV Boutique

I don't know how to say this but Whole 30 followed by Dressember followed by Christmas holidays leads me straight back to #afraidofpants, so I needed a longer top to feel comfortable with these gold pants which just don't seem to have the "mom rise" that I require...
 Pockets in shirts are simply awesome.
 Bracelet and necklace by She Does Create.

Not an earth shattering outfit but NO BLACK!  This is day 5 for me and anyone doing this challenge knows, it's harder than it looks.  So whatever you do, keep your comments about my socks to yourself.  Sometimes a girl who wants to prove a point by not using any passes just doesn't have a clean pair of patterned socks without black.
 Shouldn't have mentioned the socks because that's the first place you looked, right?
If you are participating in the January Black Out Style Challenge, be sure to connect with me via comments here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - I will be doing a round up of posts sometime this fine crafty weekend ahead and starting the ballots to win that white fox and all the bragging rights that go with it!  As the official, um, adjudicator of this challenge, I welcome all variations of participation for consideration... in other words, did you try Black Out Style at all?  Then I want to hear from you! 

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  1. LOL - yeah, I didn't even notice the socks until you mentioned them! I like the gold pants! I have a gold skirt that I love!

    I'm going to try it for one week. I think my 30X30 items will work out okay for this, because I have a lot of navy, gray, and brown options to work with. I'm a few days ahead on posts, so I'll probably do blackout posts the week of Jan20th. I'll officially let you know then!


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