Monday 20 January 2014

Designer Monday

I mentioned in yesterday's Black Out Style Week Two Recap that I scored a pair of Kate Spade loafers for under $10.  Now I want to wear them every day. 
Kate Spade loafers of comfy awesomeness $9.80
Green pants $9, Olive and Oak sleeveless peplum $2.45
All VV Boutique
Accessories by She Does Create

Before you call the Black Out Style police (which would be me anyway), please note that my blazer is CHARCOAL not black, and recall that the Schmules say charcoal is a-okay.  Especially when said blazer is Lida Baday wool/silk and it was $4 in mint condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oh my heart, this blazer is an even bigger find than the Kate Spade shoes!!  Back in the hunger days of the early 90s, I modeled (poorly, but whatev) Lida Baday and still remember how it felt.  So smooth, so luxurious!  I can't find this exact blazer on line but the ones I'm finding are $500+ half off!!  She is a Canadian designer retailing at Nordstroms, Saks, Holt Renfrew, Blu's... Need I say more?
Oh and look what else I thrifted yesterday?!  A pretty-print-peplum!
I felt like a million bucks today!  Wearing hundreds of dollars worth of comfortable exquisite designer clothes that only cost me $25.25 for the whole outfit! 
One last look at the shoes... swoon!
 Okay, maybe two last looks!

If you don't see the merit in thrifting after this post, check your pulse.  Black Out Style is easy to take on a designer Monday like today!


  1. Every so often I decide to try thrifting and I am just not good at it! I don't understand how people find such awesome stuff! I just don't have the patience for it, I guess. I'm better at scheming for deals at first-run clothing stores!

    1. Well that is an enviable skill! That's why I started "thrift guiding" - to help people who want to thrift but need some support! It helps to go frequently!! Thanks for reading!

  2. Such awesome finds! You look like a million bucks, too! :)


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