Saturday 25 January 2014

Contrasty For The Win

If you follow me on Instagram, you know there was a show-down Thursday night between matchy, clashy and contrasty outfit options for Friday - I had a presentation to deliver and wanted to look  knowledgeable and trustworthy yet also like a fun and playful pediatric professional.  I also had been housebound with sick kids for a few days and was basically plotting my stylish escape.  In the end, I chose contrasty and only after my presentation did I realize why...
Calvin Klein purple sweater $7, red wool skirt $4.90, red necklace $2 VV Boutique
Thrifted and gifted red Miz Mooz shoes; tights from my closet
Turns out I inadvertently dressed to match my Powerpoint.  
I think that classifies me as Super Nerd Professional.

My style advisor cautioned against over-dressing for the crowd but in the end, I decided the purple/red combo felt right.  (Because it matched my slides...)  Anyhoo, I "tamed" it down a bit by pretending that purple was my neutral and keeping everything else red, in other words, embodying the matchy-matchy inclinations that would resonate with most people.  
I had a hard time getting good photos with this sweater.  The slouchy lightweight fabric is super comfy in real life (albeit slightly see-through, something else I didn't realize till after).
My photographer just wanted to cuddle, as it turned out.
 I had a relatively big crowd and therefore opened with a joke about taking a picture of the audience because this was my rock star moment.  Three people laughed politely so I decided against that.

This skirt is such a nice light wool, but the lining is snug.  To get into my van, I stood perpendicular then did a little bum leap rather than stepping in.  In retrospect, this should have been a warning sign.  Later, during the movement break of my presentation, I felt a little "release" of the lining and after that, every time I sat down, I heard a little tear.  I made my colleague listen.  ("Come listen to my skirt rip, it's so funny.")  Super professional, remember.
Changed to red pants for Friday night by necessity.
$2.50  from Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe. leather boots $7 VV Boutique
About to be photo bombed.

It was an eventful day that's for sure and I have more to share later - because now is time for the Week Three Recap of Black Out Style!  This week, Sarah of Sarah's Real Life joined the challenge with some great pieces and her usual masterful mixing!  My fave look of Sarah's so far is her contrasty ensemble that has left me wanting a yellow sweater.  Might have to pop into VV tomorrow...  Here is the Black Out Style List #3...
I am so impressed that almost everyone is sticking with the challenge to the end!  Thanks ladies!  Even better is knowing that everyone is having a great time getting dressed during this loooonnnng month, and even venturing into uncharted territory (oxblood tights anyone?!!).  You all earned another entry to win the foxy prize!

It's not too late!  Challenge your colleagues, encourage your friends, threaten your family to give up black for one week!  Just one week!  After three weeks, that seems like a cake walk!  The rules of Black Out Style are as solid as the lining of my red skirt: 
  •  wear anything but black (lucky you if your closet is full of navy)
  •  you are allowed two-ish passes per week - for hosiery, footwear, or a subtle pattern including black
  • for every week you go without wearing black and sticking to 2 passes max, you get an entry to win the grand prize
  • for every week you pass on the passes, you get a BONUS entry!
Basically, if you give it a go, let me knowEmail me, comment here or on Instagram or Facebook, tweet me, use the #BlackOutStyle hashtag.  Connect with me, Sarah and the other Black Out Stylistas and get your black-less outfits on!

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  1. Lol! You always manage to make me laugh! :) And guess what?! I have oxblood tights I'm planning to wear this week!! :)


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