Sunday 30 December 2012

Top 12 in 2012 by VV Boutique Style

I started this style blog in August and since then, my eyes have been opened!  I am having a blast exploring style, trying trends and indulging my fondness for shopping - all at an amazingly low price.  I sound like a mattress commercial.  I am beyond impressed by VV Boutique and have expanded my wardrobe further than I would have imagined possible on what works out to about $6.17 per item on average.  Now, nearly five months later, I can't imagine ever going back to regular retail.  Even now, I scoff at paying $10 for a top!!  Blessed is what I am.  Blessed is how I feel. 

I don't know about you, but I love me some year-end "best of" lists - best movies, songs, recipes, blog posts.  LOVE IT ALL!  I am l.o.v.i.n.g. the year-in-review posts by all the awesome style bloggers out there.  Now, it is a privilege to share what I consider to be my top 12 purchases at VV Boutique in 2012! 
12.  Wood Necklace $3
In a year of bubble necklaces and all kinds of statement pieces, this one-of-a-king wood necklace embodied exactly what I love about VV Boutique - it is trendy without being the same as everyone else.  As soon as I spotted it, I knew it was "me;" even though I may not have my style exactly figured out, it is delightful to find something that I just know IS my style.
11. Orange Chinos $3
I scored these orange beauties shortly after posting "New Neutrals" and realizing that I had a shortage of orange in my closet.  They were the catalyst for another great post about Styles Per Cost and have turned out to be something I wear a couple times a week, resulting in a great cost per wear.  Plus they're funky - you can't help but be happy and have a good attitude when you're wearing orange pants!
10. Blue Print Cleo top $7
Now that you know how much I love colour and an interesting print and green and cobalt, it should be no surprise that this made the top 12!  It never needs ironing, looks great with everything, is easily layered, has a hint of mustard, and was the first item of clothing that made me identify with Miranda Kerr.  
9. Olive Print Scarf $4
It was a tough call between this and my beloved mustard scarf, but this one won out because of its versatility.  The length and weight of it lend to many styling options in all seasons.  Also, it helped me successfully mix prints and for that, I am indebted.
8. Sperry Top-Sider Hayden Penny Loafers $9.80
I started hearing about Sperry shoes last spring and summer via Ain't No Mom Jeans and figured they would be one of those things, like Frye boots, that I would just have to wait till October 2013 to consider, but lo and behold there they were in my size in the exact style I never even realized I needed!  Fits the menswear and patent trends, my inner British cool, AND they have a sturdy sole perfect for traipsing around slush, snow and ice.
7. Matt & Nat Bag $18
This designer bag was in perfect condition when I bought it.  I liked the edgy detailing and the pocket distribution is a great match for my particular (as in, I'm a picky-pants particular girl about my particular purse) needs.  Then, when I read the inside, my heart did a little cartwheel.

 6. Chambray $7
This is one of the few pieces I did not try on before buying.  I saw, I grabbed.  It is amazingly soft and thicker-weight without being stiff.  At first, I thought I wanted a lighter blue chambray, but now in the heart of winter, I am so glad for the darker wash.  I have worn this countless times and always feel trendy and stylish when I do.
5. Ponte Knit Chevron Stripe Skirt $7
This is the treasure piece of my VV Boutique collection!  It was just sitting there, waiting patiently to be discovered in its full chevron ponte knit glory.  It is my favourite skirt and it will take something pretty darn special to knock it off the podium!
4. Elephant and Dot Print Top $4.20
This sleeveless top earned its fame by being irresistible!  I could not stop wearing it.  Well, it also earned some fame in my local paper - though the photo isn't in the on-line article, there was a sizable photo of these very elephants in the actual paper!  This top is basically exactly 100% like Katy Perry's stylist dude who was with her in the beginning during her rise to fame then landed the most important gig of his life on ANTM.  Maybe we should call these elephants "Wujek."  Sheesh, see, there they go inspiring awesome conversation again.  
3. Vintage Velvet Blazer $7
I had been on the look-out for something with a baroque vibe for a while when I stumbled upon this vintage velvet blazer.  I initially wondered if I would get enough wear out of it...  Well, I needn't have wondered!  I have worn it time and again to work, church, errands and even around the house.  I love it!  The pockets are perfect for keeping my phone handy and the colour is swoon-worthy!  It will definitely be like comfort-food in my wardrobe in the months of winter yet ahead.

2. High-Low Dress $13
I started this second-hand adventure on a whim, which somehow seems more authentic than if I had delayed the start till I quickly shopped for all the pieces I might want... like ankle boots or a mustard cardi (which continue to evade me) or a high-low hem dress or skirt.  I watched enviably as my friends rocked this trend.  And then.  There it was.  In a dark mustard.  Call it turmeric if you want, I don't care.   Whatever you call it, it is just the spice my wardrobe needs!

1. Ann Taylor Skinny Cargos $6
The only thing bigger than my mouth in this shot is my love for these pants!  These awesome cargo pants sealed my commitment to VV Boutique!  In finding them, I really realized the potential of thrift shopping.  You can find what you need and what you want!   

There is just one more "top" for 2012 that I need to mention.  The absolute top find in all my VV Boutique shopping is the amazing joy I have experienced in connecting with friends, feeling good about myself, and seeing my friends feel good about themselves!  This little hobby of mine has turned out to be about much more than great style at a great price and I am grateful for it allCheers to VV Boutique Style!


  1. LOVE that chevron stripe skirt!!! Amazing find. :)

  2. Thanks! Yep, it was amazing. Gotta love the thrift treasures!


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