Friday 28 December 2012

Still Green (Plaid)

I've seen plaid shirts all over the place lately, and the decent selection at VV Boutique reflects the trend, interestingly enough.  I don't know if that means the trend is on it's way out or that people are buying so many that they're donating anything but the latest favour, or maybe, like me, they have trouble getting a good fit in the bust and up donating if it shrinks a smidge or pulls once they try on at home.  Whatever the reason, it was inevitable that a nice plaid would come home with me one day:
 Ben Sherman green plaid $5 VV Boutique

Before mustard, there was green.  There still is green.  When asked, what's your favourite colour, my first response is still "green."  Followed by mustard, stripes, gray, pink, cobalt, Bordeaux, etc.  But green is and always will be number 1.  There's something reassuring in actually having a favourite.  Green is also a trendy colour for 2012 and 2013 - hunter, emerald, teal.  They're all on my radar!  Naturally then, I snatched this up to try on and was delighted that it fit well - no pulling across the bust, long enough in the sleeves.  Seemed like good quality though I had never heard of the label "Ben Sherman."  Looks like it's mostly men's wear but here's what Zappos says:

" the Ben Sherman brand has been embraced by almost every youth culture or style movement since the mods and is worn by the bands and fashion leaders of the current decade. Ben Sherman now presents a full lifestyle offering—from chinos to sweaters, tees to outerwear—and continues to embrace a heritage of modernism."

Another site shows a plain white Ben Sherman button-down for $100 and says:

"Ben Sherman for women is the embodiment of classic British cool. Born in the 60’s and coveted by The Mods in swinging London, we love Ben Sherman for its effortless style. The Ben Sherman range for women produces feminine garments of exceptional quality and attention to detail. Classic pieces with an edge, and perfectly matched with our mens range of Ben Sherman online."

I have no idea how this shirt came to land at VV Boutique, but no matter the reason, I am grateful because I love it!   
Houndstooth scarf $2.80 VV Boutique
Holla for mixing patterns!

I didn't even know about its "classic British cool" when I paired it with oxford patterned socks, my patent Sperry's, a houndstooth print scarf and my fave J Brand denim!
It is hard to take blog photos in public places.
Next time, I will embrace my celebrity and just keep taking photos till I get a better one!

I decided that I would differentiate this Ben Sherman plaid from my other fuchsia-y plaid-ish shirt by renaming the latter "gingham."  Not to be confused with gangnam, even though the two might be combined at some future date in a living room dance party.  I digress.  Clearly, I *need* both.  And for such a great price at VV Boutique, why not?!  Can't wait to style this green plaid more ways and indulge my inner British cool!

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