Friday 7 December 2012

Teal Infinity Love

Just want to say a big welcome to all the new visitors to VV Boutique Style!  Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comments!  Let's talk about my head.  I crop for practicality (not a model, no fancy camera, my photographers are usually children or my hubby who has, er, a different perspective) and to keep the focus on the clothes. So let's make a deal: if my head looks decent, I will keep it in!
Teal scarf $2.80 VV Boutique
Chartreuse Talbots sweater $10 VV Boutique

Meet my new favourite scarf!!  Well, maybe there's a 3-way tie between this teal knit scarf, my mustard scarf and another I just picked up that I can't wait to style and share!  It's wrong to pick a favourite anyway, right?!!!  This was new with the tags on!  I intended to get all crafty and add buttons to it following this pin, but I only had two buttons so I pinned it (like with safety pins, not Pinterest!) instead and it worked just fine!  I love it as an infinity scarf or a "snood."  This video tutorial demonstrates several different ways to wear a snood.  I give her style cred just because of her accent! 
With my J Brand and mustard Fryes!

I just received the J Crew Style book in the mail - for inspiration not shopping, don't worry!  I was pleased to see all the pretty colour blocking and thought my look here is (unintentionally at the time!) J Crew-esque!  For a fraction of the cost!  Yay VV Boutique! 

A special note about my gorgeous earrings!
I won these as a door prize at a local Christmas craft fair and I love them!  Pretty cobalt, gold accent!  I happen to be very lucky in door prizes and usually win if I enter.  That and parking mojo are my superpowers... Back to the scarf!
 With my DKNY cords $9 VV Boutique
Cardi hand-me-down from my favourite Megan

I like the look of layered anything accessories and wanted to show that you can layer a scarf and necklace!  
I can't get enough of this teal leopard pendant necklace,
handmade and designed by my talented sister of She Does Create!

I also love how scarves and accessories add special touches of style!  This is a great place to start your VV Boutique addiction browsing, and would make a great Christmas shopping destination!

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  1. I love your head in the shots...and love the "infinity" scarf/snood.


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