Wednesday 12 December 2012


I am not into numerology but I am into Psalm 118:24 and so I have been planning for a while to do some extra rejoicing on this extra special day!  My hubby booked a vacation day, I switched days of work and we planned to spend a super duper awesome fun family day together taking tons of photos and making memorable scenes.  Instead I woke up to puke.  No problem; we waited a bit, medicated, reassessed and headed out anyway.  Optimistically.  I should have stopped and taken an outfit photo right then.  I didn't.

Fast forward through the middle unmentionables and me wiping puke off every bathroom surface, and stop on me currently shovelling salt and vinegar chips into my weary mouth having finally got the kids to bed - 3 for 3 on fevers and other *issues*.  People, I need a shower.

Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome day.  My oldest named his Star Wars character "Mmmmmmmmm," or as he said, "Mm" for short.  There were awesome tidbits like that throughout the day and I rejoiced in things I could be thankful for - like puke in the bathroom and not the van!  I'm just saying, I never did get an outfit photo but thanks to Polyvore here is a (much more expensive) recreation. 

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I looked pretty good for what turned out to be a different day than I expected.
Are we having fun yet?
The extra accessories are my Star Wars exhibit gear.
Coat is from Mod Cloth last year, bag is an Accessorize archive.

That's me at 12:12 12-12-12.  I figured everyone on earth would be stopping to snap a photo, but I was wrong.  It didn't seem to be crossing the minds of anyone around me so I was able to easily find a total stranger to capture this gorgeous shot of me hunching over my family in anticipation of poor stranger-photography.  I could've given the poor man something to work with.  Sheesh. 

So there you go.  12-12-12 is almost over.  Memorable scenes were created.  I am glad in it.   

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