Sunday 2 December 2012

Conversational Prints

Well now that people have finally stopped hounding me for autographs (hee hee), I will expound a bit more on what I was wearing when I became famous: conversational prints. 

I have had "animal motifs" on my hunting list for a while since seeing those cute fox sweaters and such pop up all over Pinterest.  Then there was Kendi's post on a gorgeous elephant-print top which got me thinking about elephants specifically.  I have a long history with elephants.  I'm not going to explain, but one person knows what I'm talking about.  Then, Anthropologie sent me their siren call email about conversational prints and I heightened my search.  Luckily, luckily, I stopped in to VV Boutique to make a donation and do a quick hunt because I found this elephant print sleeveless top and got to use my 30% off stamp card...
  Elephant and dot sleeveless top $4.20 VV Boutique
Ann Taylor skinny cargos $6 VV Boutique
Oxmo cardi circa 2009

I wondered if it would be a bit baggy, but I love the fit - very forgiving yet not sloppy-looking!  It is so versatile - I wore it for my high-fashion shoot with a velvet blazer, but last week I paired it with this (washable) simple black cardi for work.  And the necklace... happy sigh... This hand-me-down Accessorize necklace is a serious necklace.  You either need to wear it with something plain and let it shine on its own, or with something that can hold its own.  Well, elephants can hold their own!  They don't have four knees for nothing!  (Style and random mammal facts.)
Sperry Top-Sider Hayden Penny Loafer $9.80 VV Boutique

I wore this look again today to church with my Bordeaux Merino wool sweater instead of the black cardi.  I haven't even tried it with my coloured pants yet, or tried to do some funky pattern mixing to look just like a chic Anthropologie ad OR considered how awesome it will be when the weather warms up in 6 months.  That, my friends, is an awesome piece.  See how we're chatting about it and all its possibilities?!!  That must be where the term "conversational print" comes from.  That, or you want to chat about more elephant facts.  Or why exactly I would have any kind of 'history' with a 4-kneed mammal...  All this chit-chat = even more awesome, and all for $4.20 from VV Boutique!


  1. You are simply amazing :)
    Love ur sense of style ...
    Casual yet thoughtful at times ..
    I am newbie visitor on ur blog

  2. The necklace is actually a "Brand"... Found on my travels for an amazing price and it looks fabulous on you. If I could figure out how to upload a photo I would illuminate the elephant history for your readers. Lucky you that technology challenges me.

  3. Shannon, I thought the necklace was Accessorize! Is "Brand" the brand?! I will correct ASAP! And, er, think of the elephants before you post any photos!!

  4. Thanks Richa for stopping by and for your kind words! Love comments!!

  5. No... I can't remember the brand; is there a tag on it?

  6. Love the elephant shirt - it is so cute!


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