Monday 3 December 2012

Ponte Education

I tweeted about it, but I wasn't joking.  I wore my elephant-dot print top again today!  As it turns out, I wanted to get all my styles per cost done in a row...
"Ooooo," says Elephant conversationally, "I look good with gray too!"

Elephant and dot print top $4.20 VV Boutique
Charcoal cardi $10 VV Boutique
Skirt $7 VV Boutique
Gray cozy tights hand-me-down
Triple-strand necklace $4 VV Boutique
Miz Mooz boots $100-whatever-totally-worth-it-fall-2011

This skirt got me thinking.  It's a sneaky skirt.  At first, I didn't even realize it was chevron stripe, which has been on my hunting list for a while and I totally missed that I found it!  Then, as the term "ponte knit" popped up all over fashion blogs like Hems for Her and Beauty Style Growth , it dawned on me I might have me a bonafide Ponte Knit!  So, I've done some research and am prepared to share my education.

Ponte is pronounced "pon-tee," like "panty" with an "o."  That changes things a little.  Before I had images of ballerinas for some reason... point shoes, pas de deux...  Now I think of panties with a British accent.  Anyhoo, a ponte knit has a combo of rayon, polyester and spandex in differing amounts, and results in a super comfy stretchy but chic-looking piece that holds it shape and never wrinkles.  In other words, pure awesomeness for anyone living a real life!  I was drawn to this skirt because it had a bit of weight to it so I originally dubbed it my "winter skirt" after discovering some skirts have to stay in summer.  However, I am certain this beauty will be cool and comfy in every season! 
Just removed the elephants for a minny to showcase the skirt with a solid colour.
Was wearing this blue tee underneath for warmth, but if I were to wear this as is,
I would add a belt; YES this skirt has belt loops and a flattering wide waistband!

As a result of my education, "ponte knit anything" is on my hunting list for the foreseeable future.  I would love a blazer or some pants in a ponte knit!  For now, I will cherish my Chevron Ponte!
I heart you Chevron Ponte.
You know what to do.  Get to your nearest VV Boutique and find you some ponte knit!  


  1. I was inspired by your Elephants and created several pendants!

  2. I have been wondering what Ponte is! Thanks! :) Except that now I'm only going to remember how to say it by thinking "English panties!" Hee Hee! :)


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