Friday 30 November 2012

Fame has Arrived

I've been joking about it, and now it has happened: my fame has arrived!  VV Boutique Style is featured in my local paper, the Edmonton Journal, as part of their series on thrifting.  Fun fun fun!

In preparation for having my head included* in potential photos for the story, I held a couple *high-fashion* photo shoots...

The Greatest Day Home Provider Ever took this shot of me after work in what I was wearing that day!  She has gorgeous décor and a clean house all the time, ready for photo shoots; I'm in awe.
Love 21 blush top $3
Trousers $9
Grey decorated flats $4
Accessories from my closet archives.
All from VV Boutique, Total = $16

The next high-fashion shoot took place later that night when my hubby got home from a work function, i.e., jammie and wine time, but I held off in honour of style. 
Ann Taylor skinny cargos $6
Black pointy flats $7
Elephant and dot print sleeveless top $4.20
Double strand gold necklace $4
Bangles are second-hand-me-down from my sister.
All from VV Boutique, Total = $29.20.

*Don't get used to my head.  With 4 and 7-year-old's doing most of the photography, something's gotta give!  There's freedom in cropping!

I had a great time as usual playing around with my now-ample selection of VV Boutique pieces.  The Journal's original theme was to find a thrifted outfit for $50 or under; these two combined are under $50, and just a small sample of all the wonderful possibilities from my wardrobe!

Since starting this adventure, I've discovered a lot of people that love thrifting as much as I do!  It's so much fun, and feels great to know you're doing a small part supporting Value Village's non-profit partners.  The staff are without exception friendly and available!  All in all, it is a wonderful shopping experience that I hope many more people explore!


  1. I don't know how your make-up looks good all day!!!!!!! Mine doesn't - and it is MAC even!

    Your outfits look much better with a face. Your face is the best accessory :)

  2. Oh em gee! If you get this three times, I'm really sorry. I saw your blog in the Edmonton Journal via Twitter, yes you're a celebrity now! I think you should leave your head with the outfits as it completes the ensemble. Perhaps you could be a personal shopper at VVBoutique for the fashion pitiful community? Great article.

  3. Nice to see your face. Yes i agree with the other commenters. Your face is needed in the outfit posts and maybe bigger pictures?
    K at


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