Thursday 15 November 2012

White Heart

Before my trip to the Hope Missions Bargain Store, I had a severe shortage of white in my wardrobe.  Here was my white inventory:
  • old Gap white cotton tee
  • white layering tank
Adding this retro gem increases my whites by 50%!!
White heart sweater $4 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe

I did some hasty homework on how to style white in winter and it turns out that white-on-white is chic for winter...
This is my *favourite* photo that turned up when I googled "white winter style."
Though if that were my bod, I'd wear crochet pants and white panties too.  Every day.

But entirely impractical for those of us actually in winter, which is less white than muddy slush.  Not to mention cold.

I also had to consider that Thursday is a dual-purpose day for me: half the day at home with my awesome kids, half the day working with other people's awesome kids.  So, though I loved the look of white and denim, I didn't want to wear jeans for work.  I also considered the interesting design of this sweater - a necklace or belt would either obscure or distract from the heart!  I ended up taking my inspiration from this photo...
7 Denim Outfit Ideas To Try This Fall, Courtesy of Hanneli Mustaparta

White and cobalt are a very famous couple on Pinterest. 

Here's my version in full 4-year-old-photographer glory:
Gap cobalt chinos $6 VV Boutique
Cobalt belt $4 VV Boutique
Patterned socks from Old Navy
This pretty bracelet was an obvious choice.
If you think it's too obvious, please refer to this and come back when your heart has grown 2 sizes. 

The print of this sweater would classify as an "quirky offbeat sweater" according to Ain't No Mom Jeans and fulfills my desires for an "interesting sweater," which has been on my VV Boutique hunt list for a while.  Of course, at $4, I could always use another for the truly cold and not-so-white LONG winter ahead, AND there is a 50% off sale at VV Boutique on Monday November 19th so I think I will wait to cross it off my list!

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