Thursday 29 November 2012

Snow Leopard Style

Last Sunday's home jewelry party featuring the fab creations by local She Does Create (and co-hosted with My Favourite Megan - who BTW is shrinking as we speak thanks to the Game On Diet which she raves about - we're cheering you on Megan!) took me down style-memory-lane.  We had magazines out for people to do the "determining your style" exercise by the awesome ladies at Ain't No Mom Jeans.  I did this exercise in early spring 2011 and came up with these:

Themes: skinny belts, clean lines, neutrals with colour, interesting necklaces and not-too-obvious matching.
On the left: Stripes + solids + interesting details.
On the right: cargo, blush, arm party.
Neutrals with interesting or unexpected details.
Pairing colour-contrasting accessories with neutrals.
Bold colour!!!!!!
Yay orange!!
Colourful prints, interesting layers.

I had not looked at these in ages; not since I caught the Pinterest bug, and not since starting this VV Boutique adventure, but it was so cool to see how the themes are playing out in my VV Boutique selections:
I plan to do this exercise again with current magazines that might reflect the winter season better.  Though I love Pinterest and frequently look to it when playing with my clothes, there is something about real magazines that capture the essence of the exercise, I think.  However, rather than calling it "determining" your style, I would call it discovering my style.  It's like unfolding, unwrapping, finding new variations that speak to you and capture your you-ness and make style ... enjoyable!  No matter if you shop regular retail or VV Boutique, style is a privilege of providence that ought to bring joy!

It was the first style collage that inspired me this morning - the cardi, skinny belt, clean lines and interesting necklaces were calling to me!  Just after seeing this post by another inspirational style blogger J's Everyday Fashion, I found an Ann Taylor snow-leopard print cardi and cried tears of happiness!
Ann Taylor cardi $7, green Talbots sweater $10, DKNY teal cords $9, teal belt $3 and pointy flats $7
All VV Boutique! 
Teal leopard necklace by She Does Create
I love these pants - so warm and cozy and perfect for a day like today when I'm home with the kids then travelling for work, then off to supper and Bible study.  Busy days require sturdy warm comfy clothes!  Though I like the colour mixing of green and teal, I didn't like the different collar lines on these pieces, so I swapped out the green for a scoop neck blue Gap sweater from my closet.
 We'll call this the monochromatic trend!
Better, don't you think?!

Now that I'm satisfied with my outfit, I better get on with my day!  Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Like the second top way's the neckline thing, but I do like the colour of the green a bit more. Time to shop!

  2. Totally agree with Shannon!!!

  3. Also I can't believe I missed out on fashion mag collage making!!!! Why didn't u tell me, I would have dragged my sorry u know what there!!! - randa

    1. Don't worry - she's bringing her stuff to Splurge (for the jewelry part!) and we can do our own little magazine collage - I wanted to do it again anyway!!

    2. Also how did I not know about your blog?!!!

  4. Also I can't believe I missed out on fashion mag collage making!!!! Why didn't u tell me, I would have dragged my sorry u know what there!!! - randa


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