Wednesday 14 November 2012

My Latest Piece from Hope

I have a confession to make.  Apart from my brief stint into "grunge vintage" when I was in grade 8, I have not been interested in thrift shopping in the least.  I can only recall going into Value Village one time, way back in 2003 when I was looking for a Halloween costume.  My Thrifter Sister would share about her thrift finds over the years, but it stirred nothing in me. 

Oh how times have changed. 

Now, I wholeheartedly admit that I am in love with thrift shopping.  Since starting this adventure, I have not once been disappointed in VV Boutique; I always find something in good condition for good value that compliments my wardrobe.  I am having so much fun!  I enjoy the novelty, I enjoy the potential realized in my archived pieces through VV Boutique rejuvenation!  I enjoy taking a little time and effort to look and feel good about myself.  And, I especially enjoy being able to proclaim how much I paid for my awesome finds!  Somehow a deal isn't a deal until you tell anyone who will listen someone about it!

I am thrilled to discover another thrift store option in the Hope Missions Bargain Store and will definitely be going back.  Here's another piece I picked up on my recent trip there. 

Charlotte Russe tee $4 Hope Missions Bargain Shop
Necklace $3 VV Boutique
Ann Taylor skinny cargos $9 VV Boutique

I bought this top with the thought that it might fall into the category of "small print neutral" according to the new neutral rules, yet for the first pairing I was obviously drawn to a monochromatic look!    
 With an olive cardi $11 Joe.

I like the trendy Aztec-y print and the cut-outs are interesting without being hoochy.  I don't really know anything about Charlotte Russe, but I see that cut-outs (some a little on the hoochy side!) are common.

I tried it belted and though I liked the look (and will undoubtedly wear it like that in future), I just felt like being flowy and comfortable today.  Thank goodness, since I forgot my indoor shoes so had to schlepp around in my winter boots all day at work.  Super swell.  Though my mustard cardi friend recently had to wear her white Sorrels with a white lab coat while teaching cadaver lab for the same reason, so that's worse.  But I bet she still looked chic and probably had her mustard cardi on, which would've looked great, even with white Sorrels and a lab coat... and Rule #5 Always Rule #5! 
Have you got a favourite thrift shop?  Where should I go next?  And who's coming with me?!!

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