Tuesday 1 January 2013

Style Resolutions

Resolutions have a bad rap.  People (like me) get all excited about a new year, a new beginning and they set goals.  Only, they are not really in a change process so the momentum can only take them so far before the goals dissolve.  Don't feel bad if this happens to you; you're in good company!  I like what Donald Miller and Jon Acuff have to say about resolutions, and of course Gretchen Rubin is a woman after my own heart... 

I've given much thought to resolutions and I differentiate them from goals: a goal is something you work toward and achieve.  A resolution is something you choose to do every day.  Both contribute to an atmosphere of growth!  For example, my goal in this whole adventure is to shop second-hand for myself for a full year.  My daily resolution to simply put some effort into my style supports that goal. 

I have been pondering my goals and resolutions for 2013 and it didn't occur to me to consider style as its own category, despite the awesome post last year by Ain't No Mom Jeans, until I came across tweets regarding style resolutionsBing!  I'm going to do that!  I'm a style blogger now, I'm practically famous (hee hee)  I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier!  Here they are:

Goal 1: Set a style budget

I don't exactly have a "Budget" for clothes.  I shop as needed (er, a 50% sale or Fashion's Night Out would count as a "need," right?) and try to make good decisions about my purchases.  I know it's not just me.  Big girl budgeting is hard work and my hubby and I are always striving to be good better stewards of our blessings.  Now that I have a decent wardrobe, I don't "need" much besides brown work pants but it is a happy hobby and worth a line in the budget.  I love J's Everyday Fashion's practical and thoughtful approach to her budget and her shopping.  Though I can't follow her footsteps exactly when shopping second-hand (since you can't predict what will be available), there is definitely room for improvement.
This is me being all budget-y.

Resolution 1:  Be a more thoughtful hunter

I have an "on the hunt for" list that I update after perusing Pinterest and other style blogs.  Or after I make style errors.  However, until now, I mostly just try on what catches my eye and buy what strikes my fancy.  Everything at VV Boutique is a good deal (if it is a good fit in good condition) so I haven't had to be very choosy or make difficult cuts, which is a real blessing.  However, as per Goal #1, my family is tightening the reigns so now is the time to start abiding by that list more diligently.  It's not an every day resolution, but an every-shopping resolution. 

Goal 2: Determine some closet criteria.

The more I discover my style, the better purchases I make, but how do I know when it's time for a piece to leave my closet and go somewhere else?  Having spent almost 8 years pregnant, nursing or recovering, I didn't get rid of much lest I need at some point in that whole journey.  Hence why I still had those bad brown pants.  For the first time in a long time, I can consider donating clothes that might still fit and might not be worn out, and I want to think about that a bit more so I don't make any hasty decisions. 
Criteria to stay in closet: stripes. Check.  Colourful.  Check.  Comfy.  Check.
Sweater $3.50 VV Boutique
Scarf that goes perfectly (you know who you are who doubted) $2 VV Boutique

Resolution 2: Wear it or weed it.

I don't generally have much excess in my wardrobe.  All my clothes are in my closet all the time.  I don't have a "summer wardrobe" or a "winter wardrobe" and I'm happy about that.  I like to keep my closet organized and tidy, and I think that helps me be more efficient when choosing outfits and also eliminates having too many similar items.  However, since starting this adventure, I have a lot more clothes!  It's super fun, but it doesn't change my underlying belief that the point of clothes is to wear them not save them, so if I'm not wearing them, they need to go to a good home that will.  As per Goal #2, I will review my wardrobe regularly and practice regular weeding!

Goal 3: Crop it right.

I'm borrowing one from ANMJ last year and from the inspiring bloggers and fashionistas everywhere.  I know it's possible.  Somewhere sometime I will find a pair of cropped pants that actually look good.  Then I will really rejoice!  Till then I'm wearing skirts in warm weather!
This will NEVER happen again.

Resolution 3: Focus on the fit.

I've been reading through some of the style resolutions on line and loving it!  But I don't need a goal to add colour or experiment with trends or shop my closet - check, check, check.  I have been having fun doing all of these things and look forward to more in 2013.  This resolution is about paying closer attention to fit, for the cropped pants of Goal #3 and every piece that comes home with me from VV Boutique.  A good fit makes any body feel confident and that is what I want to model for my daughter.  I don't believe there is anything wrong with saying something doesn't look good on me.  Not everything looks good on everyone; it's about the fit not the body - and not just the fit on the body, but the fit with your personal style and even your mood for the day.

So, what are YOUR style resolutions or goals?  Let's encourage each other along the way!

Remember, any body can find great pieces at VV Boutique!  My prediction is that 2013 will be filled with lots of style joy!   
Cheers to a great year ahead!

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