Tuesday 15 January 2013

Blazin' Orange

A few years ago, I heard someone proclaim "Orange is the new pink."  I don't think so!  And it doesn't even matter - we need both!  Orange is warm sun glow, fire, spice, creamsicle, citrus, munchie mix!  So of course, this orange blazer had to come home with me.
 Orange blazer $5 VV Boutique

I initially reached for my Jones tuxedo blouse for this blazer's inaugural wear since it has an orange-ish fleck in it and would coordinate nicely.  However, being freshly inspired from my dress-up session on the weekend, I put it back and decided to deliberately choose something that didn't "match."  I am insanely adventurous and therefore chose this black striped long sleeve Gap tee and a pink belt that doesn't go with anything in this ensemble.  Crazy.
What you are seeing is wild style; those are brown pants ($2.45 VV Boutique) with that black striped top.  Come on, I know others can identify with this being a (hopefully former) style stretch!!  I wore my Miz Mooz Pauly wedges and added a bold necklace just in case people needed somewhere to look besides the orange. 
I like the band and button detailing and the crop fitted style of this blazer.  I originally got all excited because I thought it was a ponte knit.  No such luck, but it is still awesome and with all the talk about coloured blazers, I think it is a great addition to my VV Boutique wardrobe!


  1. Love the look! Yellow, orange and mustard are my new fav colours! Janet

  2. I think this blazer will be quite versatile. Perhaps treat it as a neutral? J


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