Wednesday 23 January 2013

A *Totally* Different Outfit...

Before you say anything, this outfit is totally different than my secretary blouse.
Sometimes I can't resist being matchy matchy.  Sue me.

Firstly, my cardi is teal not emerald.  Big difference.  Teal has never been colour of the year.  Secondly, this top might be is navy and white diagonal stripe, rather than black-and-white-small-incredibly-adorable-yet-elegant-flowery-acorny-Banana-Republicy print.  This awesome top is not vintage but modern, in a sheer fabric with dolman sleeves, a flattering hemline and refreshing shoulder cut-outs whatever they're called.
$7 VV Boutique

Sure, I'm wearing the mustard tank underneath again because mustard goes with everythingBut I'm wearing different accessories...
Accessorize necklace from my closet, earrings and bracelet from She Does Create.
 I just realized that the reason I love this bracelet so much is because it is like a poem for my eyes.
Yep, I just said that

And different shoes...
I've worn these shoes before.  
$4 Jules and James from VV Boutique.
Though nothing fancy, I love the charcoal colour and the details that make them interesting.

This top is another treasure find that was in perfect condition.  I can only imagine why someone would have donated it???  Were they too short in the torso?  Felt it is too cold to get good wear?  Thought the details might be out of style by the time spring rolls around?  Well I'm seeing sheer all over the place including StyleMint and if only I could locate their top with these same sleeves that I almost bought about a hundred times before starting my VV Boutique adventure, you would know that this trend will be around for a while too.  I'm sure.  As sure as I am that I will wear these pants till they fall apart.  As sure as I am that I wish it were spring so I could start spring styling all these awesome VV Boutique pieces!

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