Thursday 3 July 2014

Road Trip Thrifting

I have never blogged from my phone before but there's a first for everything and Mommy misses her blog!  Camping fashions are not exactly #ootd-amazing though I'm sharing pics of my adventure on Instagram when I have reception! The rest of the time I'm wandering around in the buff.  (Those crazy Canadians...) Today we finally stopped at the Goodwill in Helena before heading out on the last leg of our journey to Yellowstone.
I didn't have much time and had to buy my kids old copies of the Guinness Book of World Records to keep them occupied but it scratched an itch nonetheless!

Dresses are my fave place to start in any thrift store. Why?  Because dresses are awesome.  Go get some. 

I'm also on a continual hunt for a striped skirt. None here, sigh....

But I did find an Ann Taylor Loft seer-sucker-ish peplum-y blazer that fit perfectly and had dry leaning tags on it.  Looks great with this outfit and perfect for camping.  Insert straight faced smiley.

This Mossimo sweatshirt, however, is perfect for camping. Maybe it's a bit, er, young for a 40yo but I don't care.  Gray is my comfort colour and I was born on Valentine's Day so I figure that gives me unlimited access to everything heart.

This Lucky Brand tee on the other hand did feel a bit too young for me even though I'm reading a book that is all about a "love rally" (Donald Miller Searching for God Knows What).

My heart did a little jump when I saw this! A mustard knit hoodie?! I don't have one of those....

Unfortunately it gave me DBS (Dumpy Boob Syndrome, a tragic and preventable disorder).

Next up a lacklustre leopard-print skirt. It was meh.  The style didn't seem contemporary so I left it behind.

Same thing with this blue skirt.  I liked the acid-wash vibe (wha???? The mountain air is apparently getting to me) but didn't like the ruffle.  I am not a ruffle person.  Though apparently I'm an acid-wash person.  Learning new things about myself every day.

Loved this t-shirt dress.  Just needed another foot of fabric because I'm not 39 anymore.

This Nine West eyelet lace dress had huge potential...unfortunately the nipple area was a problem. You don't need extra fabric there, Nine West, even if you've had three kids and nursed for a hundred years. 

I ended up getting the blazer for $5 (half off green tags - score!) and the heart sweater for $4.  And now I can rest... At least until we get to the next town with a thrift shop!


  1. when you head home and possibly come through Calgary, stop in Olds and check out reFind clothing a great consignment store :)

  2. I can't believe you left that mustard hoody behind. Some of your more boob-a-licious friends might have been able to fill it out.

  3. Nicole, check also your FB pm.


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