Friday 25 July 2014

Grey All the Way

It's Friday Fashion Day!  Check out today's Edmonton Journal to read all about the Value Village Edmonton Shop Hop!  Did YOU fill a passport?!  I know I can't wait to use my 30% off... because I could really use some more skirts and dresses.  (insert big smiley)    

I calculated that 90% of my dresses are thrifted and I would estimate that or more applies to the rest of my wardrobe.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I make some exceptions to my commitment to secondhand shopping.  I support my sister, She Does Create - is it my fault I have a sister who happens to be a jewelry designer?  What's a girl to do?!!  I also do what I can to support local talent and this week that meant buying a couple more Flatter:Me belts!
I've been waiting a long time to get the Shanghai Red and absolutely could not resist the newest shade, Good Greycious!

These belts were designed by Edmontonian Claire Theaker-Brown and are manufactured ethically in China, but besides all that, they look great and are FUNCTIONAL!  They are perfect for holding up pants that gape in the back or stretch out, and they look fab as part of your outfit!  They are $34 including shipping and have been a lifesaver for me with my thrifted pants; even if the pants don't fit perfectly, I know my Flatter:Me belt will make those $4 pants work!  I had a hard time deciding which belt to wear first but ended up going grey all the way!
J Crew cardi $4.90, El Naturalista shoes $10.80  both from VV Boutique
The day started chilly but quickly warmed up!
This necklace is from my closet B.T. (Before Thrifting) from The Avenue Clothing Co. on Whyte
 These shoes were unworn. They're leather and have a sparkly accent in another fave colour - green!

FYI, I just took the time to look up the spelling difference and of course, Claire has it right!  GrEy is used in UK and the like and grAy is used in the US.  Now you know.
The Flatter:Me belt helps me to fulfill the "Rule of 3!"

Grey is my comfort colour.  I love it!  I always feel like grey looks like a hug waiting to happen... so I got myself a hug from the latest super huggable baby in my life...
Meet River, our adorable fluffy 10-week-old puppy!
I'm getting my holding hugs while I can!  Won't be long till I can't lift her!

Grey is also good for disguising puppy paw prints!  Back to fashion!!  I hear a rumour that there *might* be a birthday contest on Flatter:Me belts coming soon, so stay tuned!  I should clarify, I just love these belts, and Claire too!  Just sharing the love, not an official sponsor though I am an official self-appointed endorser(insert big smiley)  Today's a rainy GREY day - perfect for some online GREY shopping?!


  1. First off, River is so adorable! I can't wait to meet her! :)

    Second, that is such a classy looking outfit - you look great!

  2. Would love if would do a post on cleaning secondhand clothes and shoes before they come into the home. Do you launder everything or dryclean depending on the fabric? How do sanitize shoes?

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  4. Beautiful outfit, I love the total grey look!


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