Monday 14 July 2014

Olive and Polka Dots

Try as I might, it's not always easy to avoid looking haggard on a Monday afternoon...
Sunlight and sunglasses do wonders for the modern mother.

Especially when that Monday morning followed a two-week camping vacation and laundry all-nighter AND ushered in the start of Vacation Bible School for which one has signed up as a "tribe leader" but nonetheless shows up 10 minutes late and has to thank the 13yo for signing in the kids in one's absence.  And how was your Monday morning?  Fortunately I had a new cute outfit that I think screamed "modern Moses fleeing Egypt"...
Olive Gap skirt consigned for $13.60 from reFind Clothing
Seychelles wedges gifted but thrifted
Polka dot top $4 Great Falls Goodwill
Olive tank new with tags $4 VV Boutique

The theme of VBS is "Wilderness Escape" so I could hardly wear anything too flashy for my first impression with a group of girl tweens!  Okay okay, I really just couldn't wait to wear these ultra-comfy light cotton pieces. 
This skirt is so awesome I could wear it everyday to VBS.  But I won't because I'm trying to set a good fashion example.

So, I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath to see which Old Navy top I bought... 
This one fit slightly better even though I loved the butterfly print of the other one.
Fit > print and pretty much anything, even when you're thrifting

I can't claim this is a super-fashiony outfit but it was under $25 total and fit my Monday morning vibe just right.
And now I better go to bed so I'm not late again tomorrow!

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