Wednesday 30 July 2014

DIY Denim Vest

I was driving through Red Deer the other day and *happened* to pop into VV Boutique for half an hour and *happened* to score a couple great finds including a $3 denim vest.
Eddie Bauer means quality.  I'm guessing this is from the early 90's... because I had one just like it in the early 90's.

I have been hunting for a vest for some time and have never found one that had any possibility... till now!  I'm not a huge vest fan.  I have a couple and like them to achieve three layers but still tend to wear them less often than other pieces in my closet.  The denim vests I've been seeing around tend to be a lighter wash, and my Pinterest search confirmed it.  So, I got to work making this vest meet its potential!
First I used sand paper to sand it all over.
Happened to be sitting on my steps during this stage, so I laid it on the edge to get some extra distressing in random spots.
The end result of sand paper.  It was nice and soft by this point with a couple holes just starting.
Next up, I put bleach and water in my sink then added the vest.  

Then friends arrived and I needed to set the kids up with water activities and before I knew it, I left the vest in a little longer than planned.  In the end, however, I was pleased with the results.  Late that night after washing and drying it, I couldn't wait to try it on with my thrifted OOTD (consigned olive skirt $13.60 reFined, floral tank $3.75 VV Boutique).
The look on the left is lacking a third interesting layer then TA DA!
The vest finishes the ensemble whether the tank is loose or tucked.
I could even wear this vest as a top like I did in the 90s.  It's true, with black polyester pants when I wanted to be fancy.

It is quite soft and bleached but looks contemporary AND looks great with mustard and tomatoes...
Mustard tank $4.20, Everly tomato skirt $4.90 VV Boutique
Necklace $1 Hope Missions Bargain Shoppe, shoes from my closet

In fact, I think this vest is going to look great with a lot of outfits, and to prove my point, I made my friends* try it on with their outfits.
*sooner or later, my friends end up on the blog.  Thanks!! xoxoxo
 The denim vest looks great with a maxi, with a short dress or with a tank and shorts.

Me in my natural habitat shopping to use my filled Shop Hop passport for 30% off!

I will definitely get way more than 3 styles per cost out of this vest which makes it yet another VV Boutique treasure!
What do you think?  Is this DIY denim vest a hit or miss?!

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