Monday 21 July 2014

Backyard Boutique Sale Tuesday!!

Not long ago, I posed a question on Twitter: How many skirts/pants/dresses do you have?  I asked this because I had just finished counting my skirts.  I don't know what possessed me but I was genuinely surprised to learn I had THIRTY skirts.  3-0.  I have no idea where this ranks in relation to other women's closets, and I suppose it doesn't really matter.  For ME, my closet is big enough and all but a few were thrifted so my budget is big enough too.  What bothers me is that it is hard to give satisfactory "air time" to all those beautiful skirts!  So, I decided to make some hard decisions and edit out any pieces that aren't favourites - for whatever reason - and I'm putting them in the Sister Thrifters Backyard Boutique Sale Tuesday afternoon from 3pm - 8pm.
I have many pieces, Shannon has many pieces - in a range of sizes (so don't think you have to be our body doubles to come by) and of course, all the Sister Thrifters stock will be available including an AMAZING dress I just picked up at the Shop Hop
Minuet is a Modcloth/Anthro brand!!  Swoon!
No amount of zero-point soup is getting me into it, so instead I will offer it to some lucky lady!  

There will be handbags, some shoes and fab She Does Create accessoriesSigh, it's been a while since I "earned" some jewelry from my sister...
 Getting my pieces ready for their new homes...

All in all, the Backyard Boutique Sale is just a casual opportunity to shop for new-to-you pieces at great prices!  I plan to go all Livingston-Community-Closet on my items - and there is nothing wrong with them!  I just want to give my new wardrobe friends some time to shine!  Head on over to the Sister Thrifters Facebook page for the Backyard Boutique address and photos of many of the pieces...  But there will be more, never-seen-before pieces too!!  Basically, you don't want to miss it.  Please share the word and help make this event a success so that we can do it again soon!!  Did I mention there *might* be wine?!! 


  1. I'm on dress overload this summer. Not sure what's happened but apparently I want to start dressing more girl-y, lol. I was in Atlanta two weeks ago and bought 6 dresses alone when I was there - and that's not to mention all the ones I have purchased before and three since I've been back Crazzeeeeee!

    1. Amy, so nice to finally meet you! Dresses are so easy! I have 37 (!) but they are all different and cut as many as I could!! You and your new 6 dresses can find good company with me and the 6 dresses I haven't worn yet!


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