Saturday 28 June 2014

Hitting the Holiday Road

As June winds to a close, I'm drinking wine while packing up my family for a laundry camping adventure, heading to the sunny south to explore the Taj-maWalmart destinations en route to somewhere a little more special...
I wonder if there are any thrift stores near Yellowstone...

My plan is to unplug... mostly... well, we will see.  I'm sure Instagram and Twitter will see some action from me, and I may even do a post or two depending on the coffee/wifi/fashion situation.  Before I go, there are a couple things you need to know:
Firstly, mark your calendars for Saturday July 19th for the first ever Value Village Shop Hop!  And it's going to be here in Edmonton and area!!   I will share more details as the date draws nearer but the gist is that you get a "thrifting passport" and get progressive discounts on purchases made at each of the six locations AND you use your filled passport for a discount off your next purchase!  I'm hoping to meet up afterwards with my fellow thrifters to review the spoils of our hunt (and have a margarita).

Secondly, 9 in 6 Style is done!  I had fun using these 9 challenges to help me make wardrobe decisions during what turned out to be a crazy-busy month.  Here is a recap of my interpretation of the 9 challenges:
Work the "rule of 3" on a hot day

Wear a maxi dress to work

Style a statement necklace for every day

 Wear white pants, a white skirt and a white blazer
Wear an old piece (or two!) in a new way

Wear your fave piece today

Style a summer party outfit

What was your fave #9in6Style look of mine?  Judging by the number of Instagram likes, the fan fave was the statement necklace followed by my rained-out party legging ensemble...

My rehab med style sistah Kristen is the only lucky participant who will take home a $20 credit for Sister Thrifters What this really means is that I'm going to hang onto whatever she selects and use it as bribery/incentive for us to FINALLY meet IRL!  BTW if you like the idea of thrifting but need some thrift shopping support, check out Sister Thrifters (that'd be me and my sis).  We are picking up a variety of pieces that are too good to pass by and posting them in hopes of matching them with the right stylista.  In other words, we are offering online thrift shopping in Canada!! 

Lastly, I have a faithful Facebook follower who is always interested in my style focus for the month... My focus for July is to not lose all my readers while I'm on vacation... kidding (not really).  I actually want to take July and August to edit my closet for realz and uncover my style a bit more with the hopes of guiding my thrifting choices for my third year of thrifting!  More to come as July unfolds but for now, stay tuned for "VV Boutique Style Light" for a couple weeks then it will be back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans!  Some ways to stay in touch:
And you can always subscribe by email by entering your email address in the little box to the right near the top!

I'm curious though.  What do YOU want to see on VV Boutique Style over the summer?  Last time I asked this question, I ended up doing a bathing suit post that then ended up being scrolled on TV!!  Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions, whimsy or burning desires!  Now, I must go add two more bottoms to my suitcase... I hate to leave my thrifted loves behind!


  1. Have a great vacation! Me and my Boston Terrier co-bloggers are on vacation until the end of July. Sometimes you just need a break. Hugs!

  2. Lol! Have an awesome vacation! I think my favorite outfit is the party dress. It's just so pretty - plus I MAY love anything that looks like it came from Anthro :) And also the white skirt with the navy lacy top. Love both of them!


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