Tuesday 3 June 2014

Stylin' Shaundra

In case you missed it, I have been very famous lately appearing with Gerard Butler in the Edmonton Journal and on BT Edmonton.  I am thrilled to be sharing the joy of thrifting and getting the message out that second-hand fashion is the smart and stylish way to go!  I have been fortunate to introduce a couple ladies to thrifting since then... first there was Susan who found great pieces and stocked up for upcoming seasons and events!  Then last night I went shopping with Shaundra and had a blast! 

Shaundra is a pretty young thing who wanted to update her spring and summer wardrobe but stick to a tight budget.  She's working full time and is a part time student and she still finds time to volunteer!  She called herself "no style Shaundra" but IF that was true before Monday night, it certainly isn't true anymore!  Shaundra scored 37 items for an average cost per item of $5.60 or $7.76 including my fee.  I think we can all agree that's a superb price point!  She got 5 pairs of shoes including those in the photos below plus leather lace-up heeled sandals and black flats, 2 blazers, skirts, shorts, dresses, tops, short-sleeved coats, and Bebe jeans - alone worth $100+ - and more!  Shaundra was easy to shop with because she has a similar style aesthetic to me so I knew if I liked it, she would probably like it too!  As usual, we had no difficulties finding tons to try on...
See that gold cardi on Cart 2... that's Ann Taylor and is the perfect answer to the metallic trend this spring!
But the moment I fell in love was when Shaundra said, "I'm going to get this just so I can have it."
At thrifted prices, why not wear this cute dress to the market or on a summer date or to the grocery store!  
I bet the metallic cardi would look cute with this Kensie dress.
Shaundra found a Max Studio black dress right off the bat and this versatile mustard coat and lightweight scarf.
As a new reader, Shaundra was not aware of my obsession with mustard and my bold but accurate claim that mustard goes with everything.  I'm right.
This Gap black dress looked fantastic on its own, dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a light cotton coat and brown - yes, you can mix black and brown - belt!
She can also style it with leggings for the winter or when she wants some more coverage, but since Shaundra is full of youth and vitality, she can get away with a short dress!
The skirt on the left will mix and match with most of the tops Shaundra found including this vintage cream lace top and black lace top... which also coordinates with most of her bottoms including the super comfy stretchy yet structured skirt on the right!  Blazer #2 takes this straight to the office or an interview or ... I can make up events till the cows come home.
We loved the pop of colour under the lace!
The navy print skirt on the left was hard to hand over.  I love you, Skirt; you're in good hands.
I think it's very Anthro to mix prints like this and, surprise surprise, the mustard pulls it all together.
Shaundra ended up getting a different denim skirt than the one pictured here, but nonetheless this wardrobe staple is the perfect neutral backdrop for any of the tops including her blazers and this orange cotton coat and boho top.
Shaundra and I talked about a style trick of mixing more casual pieces with fancier pieces.  So, instead of mixing a tee with shorts, pair them with a pretty blouse.  Instead of a blouse with a skirt, pair it with a casual tee or boho top like above.
BTW that long sleeve blouse is Cynthia Rowley.
Cute cotton cardi for a finishing piece on cool summer nights - I think it was $4 less 30%!
And yes, I made her try it on in line.  I'm like the VV Jillian Michaels.  "TRY IT ON NOW."

Along the way, Shaundra and I discussed other thrifting tips like looking above and below your size for quality brands, using Sunlight bar soap on any stain and washing second-hand clothes with vinegar in the fabric softener to help neutralize any perfume smells and set the colours.  We discussed adding accessories to complete a look - coincidentally Shaundra was a Stella & Dot rep so she has plenty of options at home!  Last but not least, we talked about the importance of just wearing your clothes!  Don't save them for a special occasion - at thrifted prices, you can afford to wear what you love any old day and turn it into a day you love!

Shaundra, you look AH-MAZING - can I get a slow-clap for her natural-born posing skills - and you are all set for everything coming your way!  Work, school, dates, festivals, chillaxin on the beach... your new VV Boutique Styled wardrobe has got you covered (haha)  It was a pleasure to shop with you and I hope you enjoy your awesome new pieces. 
If you decide you don't like that navy skirt or the mustard coat, call me.  I can diet.

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