Monday 9 June 2014

My Vegas Style

Rompers, jumpers and the like are quite the trend these days.  I see them and think back to my black stirrup-pant one-piece "cat suit" which was all the rage in 1992...
Substitute blonde hair and that's me.
"I take my catsuit very seriously, meow."

and think maybe the one-piece by any name is is trend to pass on...  Then, my sister thrifted me a $5 jumpsuit and I felt compelled to give it a "I'm a 40-year-old-mother-of-three" go.  In fact, I thought it was the perfect piece for a special post for the My Vegas Style blog challenge.  

I have never been to Vegas, not for lack of desire.  Instead, I didn't realize how much time, money and freedom I had till it was too late.  I love my kids.  I will go one day and when I do I will check out the Aria Resort & Casino, one of Las Vegas’ premier hotel properties.  The challenge was to find a look that could transition from lunch to dinner to night club, and whaddya know, a jumpsuit is just the piece for the job!
Necklace from my closet.

So, this particular jumpsuit is... A LOT of print, and chambray is just the thing to tone it down for day.  I wore these sandals the other day from 8am till 11pm, first wear, and they were totally comfortable so they ought to be suitable for some walking and sight-seeing.
Leather belt $4.20 adds to a daytime casual vibe.
Did I mention this jumpsuit is strapless?!  I got my strapless bra at VV too, why not?
If it gets hot, might as well go full-on Canadian tourist.

Maybe it's a bit boring, but I'm guessing women like their cardis even in Vegas.  
A scarf never hurts to prevent accidental-flashing.  

 White blazer $3.85, metallic belt $2.80, nude patent leather pumps $13.30, metallic leather bag $4.90, all VV Boutique

The pumps, metallic accessories and white blazer hopefully say "night club" vs. "trying too hard" but I don't know because I haven't been out to anywhere past 8pm besides Ikea since 2005.
Every Vegas night needs a sweet ride!
Mine happens to be a 2001 Honda Odyssey with almost 300 000km.
Not too shabby for my imaginary vacation.

IRL, I wore this jumpsuit to my Splurge Sorority last Friday night.  I came down the stairs to leave and my kids asked me why I was wearing pajamas out...  They got one thing right: jumpsuits are COMFORTABLE and for that reason alone, they would make a great piece to pack for a Vegas vacation.  Now for the important question for all of you who have actually been to Vegas: did I pass or fail for Vegas style?
Would YOU wear a jumpsuit?!


  1. I've never been to Vegas either, so I can't say for sure, but I say you pass. :) My favorite is the dinner combination. We probably need to plan a Vegas vacation, just so we know for sure. It's for business, really. Not fun. Strictly research. :) So far I haven't been brave enough to try a jumpsuit on yet! :)

    1. You could totally rock a jumpsuit but yes, let's test it out in Vegas. I say November, no kids - you in?!

  2. I've been dying to try a romper/jumpsuit although my main concern is that I'll look like a 12 year old...

    YOU however look awesome!

    1. Why thank you! I've been seeing them on women of all shapes and sizes and am surprised that they don't look childish!! The prints and fit seem to glam them up a bit! I recommend thrifting one and giving it a go!!


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