Tuesday 10 June 2014

Statement for One

Hopefully by now you know I lead a very glamorous life.  I have three kids so nothing is ever everything is always in its place, I'm never always clean, I am always drinking wine calm, cool and collected.  Ha.  I live a real life and you really should know by now that I believe in making the most of my real life right where it's at.  That means I don't save things for a special day, and for that reason alone, the statement necklace trend resonates with me.  WHY NOT wear a giant sparkly necklace with a t-shirt any old day?  Love that!  I have many fab accessories including my talented sister's version of a bubble necklace made with turquoise - so awesome!  However, I still lacked that J Crew-esque thrifted statement necklace... until recently when I scored one in perfect condition from VV Boutique!
This necklace was a relative fortune at $17.50, but I totally *needed* it.

For the 9 in 6 Style Challenge, I thought it would be best to wear this authentically, on an "every" day when I was just staying home working on reports (unofficially).  I didn't have to run errands, didn't have to go into the office, didn't even run into my roomie and my husband is out of town.  Basically, I wore this necklace today for me and my real life:
I think there are millions of women out there who can relate to this photo.
Gray embellished tee $5.60, Cynthia Rowley cardi $2.80, Joe Fresh skinnies $2.80, Hispanitas $3.50 all from VV Boutique
My sister found me this cardi which turned out to be a SCORE!

I suppose I should offer some styling advice for anyone who hasn't already beat me to the statement necklace game, so here it is: get a statement necklace.  Wear it.  Whatever variation your statement necklace takes, it will look good paired with a low-key piece like a tee (colours, patterns and styles are irrelevant as far as I can discern from the fashion pages), blazer, sweater, dress - pretty much anything.  Let go of matching your necklace to your outfit; trust me on this, just wear it.  You'll be glad you did!
More evidence of real life: foot photo bomb.
Like I said, very glamorous.

In case you're wondering if I fulfilled the #9in6Style challenge requirements to "wear a statement necklace for every day," allow me to present some highly official selfie pictorial evidence...but warning!!  These photos show the devolution of an every day!
from left to right...
  1. In minivan, waiting patiently for children to buckle up, which can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 4 hours and yes, it's pointless to offer help because as soon as you do, said help is downright offensive to them.  My serene expression is courtesy of "they're almost at dayhome."
  2. Writing OT summary reports.  You just fell asleep, didn't you?  Sigh.
  3. Bedtime routine and, yep, I'm wearing an apron.  It's the secret to not wrecking your stuff.  Crazy eyes courtesy of "they're almost in bed." 
There you go.  My thrifted statement necklace was with me through thick and thin today, looking pretty and adding some sparkle, even if I was the only one to appreciate it!
Everything is better with a statement necklace, especially if it's thrifted!

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