Wednesday 5 September 2012

Wild Wednesday

You know life is getting busy when you haven't checked Pinterest for days...  Fortunately, some pins have stuck in my head for inspiration on days like these...  Long before my VV Boutique Shopping Spree when I learned that yellow pants go with everything, I pinned this:

more yellow pants stylin options... ;)
Traced back to this lovely blog from Ainsley, with love

So I have been hunting for something animal print on my VV Boutique sessions, and spied an unassuming ambivalently printed little tee...

Animal print tee $4 VV Boutique
Leather studded heels $16, Red seed necklace $2 and Matt & Nat $18 all VV Boutique
Yellow jeans $18 Forever XXI, bracelets from my closet

I had an office day today... it's pretty conservative but since I was going to be hiding in my little corner trying to get stuff done, I thought yellow jeans would be passable and a bring a little wild to my Wednesday.

Is it a horse?  Is it a zebra?  Is it a leopard?  Don't know, don't care.

I was craving a little (more) colour and thought the red necklace was just unexpected and edgy enough, in just the right hue, and not as matchy-matchy as my pinspiration!

The new bra definitely improves the look.
You can't not feel hot in these shoes.  
And yes, you can wear white after Labour Day.  You're welcome for settling that.

It may be ironic or may be juxtaposition or may be just plain wrong to picture my hardly worn leather with my hardly worn vegan bag...  That's just all part of the wild.

I saved the most awesome part for last...  I did not know it, but Matt & Nat include something special on the inside of their bags, something that evokes their philosophy of living beautifully...

A reminder of salvation... in a bag ... at VV Boutique.  Now that is wild.

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