Friday 7 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out - VV Boutique Styled!

I was a little nervous taking my friends to VV Boutique...  I wanted them to have a good experience and enjoy an updated perspective on the fun and value of thrifting...  Well, Fashion's Night Out at VV Boutique did NOT disappoint!!  Five women (and a half) had a blast and scored some awesome deals!!

The Thrifting Guru, wearing (mostly) thrifted pieces, 
waiting for the rest of us to arrive and get started!

First stop: bags.  Every single one of us walked out with one (or more) bags. 

This cute little change purse wanted to go home with her.
Starbucks, an official "sponsor" of FNO VV Boutique Styled.

And this gray tasselled number DID go home with me for $10!

Second stop: scarves.  Every single one of us walked out with one (or more) scarves.

  Learning new scarf-styling techniques!  
Click here for an awesome video tutorial!

Ruched red...

Metallic scarf.  Look who's laughing now.  
(that's an inside joke, specifically to entice the rest of you to come next time) 
This hat went home with my friend.  It is perfect woolly awesomeness.

I wish I had a photo of the beautiful vintage scarves two of the ladies found.  So pretty, and bound to make a simple ensemble special.

Third stop: belts.  Four belts found a new home tonight; aren't we charitable.

This gray snakeskin pattern Banana Republic retailed for $50, but I paid $8.  
My friend here was permitted temporary visiting rights.
Hmmm, here this one appears a bit pro-wrestler-esque, 
but I am lacking a wide black belt and for $3, I think it will be nicer IRL 
BTW, that's my brand new red dot Banana Republic $10 woven!.

  I love the look of this wide purple belt off-center!

The last belt is destined for some up-cycled jewelry... stay tuned!

Next we headed to the actual clothing!  Dresses, pants, skirts, tops, sweaters, shoes...  Two and half hours was barely enough time!  Er, actually it wasn't enough time.  We shut the place down.
Heading into the fitting rooms...

What fun to be with good friends in our own little private fashion show!  The jewel tones were prominent in our fall-wardrobe focus.  In particular, the mustard cardi looked fantastic with everything!!  My friend wore it to the store, but it is now #1 on my VV Boutique's Most Wanted list

We are a bunch of picky pants!  We are educated professional women and we won't buy something that is worn or ill-fitting just because it is a good deal.  The good news is that there are plenty of good-fitting pieces in great shape to be had!  We found Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Liz Claiborne to name a few, and the biggest score of the evening was a pair of $14 Miz Mooz olive pumps.   

One of my friends had so much success that 
she was forced to make some hard last-minute cuts at the till. 

All in all, we purchased 38 items at an average cost per item of about $7.20.  Before I started this adventure, I would have thought $7.20 for any scarf, accessory or garment was a major steal, but it would have been a rarity and now it is the happy norm!
This shopping bounty makes me smile.

We gathered afterwards to display and review our purchases, enjoy some bevvies and snacks, and this lucky friend took home the FNO VV Boutique Styled swag!

Pinterest is your source for how to use that gorgeous navy creme shadow.

It's late, and I'm about to head to bed with happy Fashion's Night Out visions in my head!  I just want to thank my awesome friends for joining me tonight, for embracing VV Boutique and the whole purpose of FNO: to have fun shopping!  You ladies rock!  (Now, email me photos of your VV Boutique ensembles!)
One day we will tell her she was at the very first FNO extravaganza in our city!

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