Monday 10 September 2012

Crop Circles

I'm a happy lady at the moment.  My kids are sleeping, my husband is making cherry jelly, I'm watching ANTM and I have finally taken off what I now know to be hideous cropped pants.  Which you are about to see.  Be easy on me.

Before this spring and summer, I didn't put much thought into my capri pants.  Last year, I wore whatever fit during my long slow journey back from three pregnancies.  This year, I was primed on the subject by the Ain't No Mom Jeans post on Style Resolutions back in January.  Resolution number two was "figure out the whole cropped-pant thing."  One of my other fave bloggers, Megan at Everyday Mom Style has educated me time and time again on having a proper crop - skinny leg, cropped at or just above the ankle.  Then, ANMJ confused me in June with some additional information on what might be acceptable!  I really tried to find the perfect crop pair in my price range.  I did not succeed.  But enough about that.

This is the first item from Fashion's Night Out shopping.  I was hesitant when I first tried it on, but I'm glad I bought it...     
Look up.  It is great personal sacrifice to admit my crop failure.
Tunic top$6 VV Boutique
Gap belt circa 2000, Accessorize necklace circa 2007
Gray Miz Mooz pumps circa 2007 
I'm not even going to mention the pants.

The top is comfortable and versatile.  I wore it belted today but it looks cool loose too!  I thought it was navy and gray, but actually it's black and gray.  I can't wait to try some different looks, like with my mythical mustard cardi, or my red seed necklace(anything but these pants)
My attempt to disguise the crop failure.

I initial planned to wear black leggings, then second-guessed myself when I saw the sun shining and pondered whether leggings would be work appropriate.  My thinking behind the pants was to pair the tunic with khaki rather than predictable black and sneak in a warm look on a fall day.  I actually didn't realize how short they were and that the fit is not that fitted.  In all fairness, these photos were taken by my jelly-distracted hubby at the end of a long day so the pants might have stretched out a bit.  Irrelevant though because they've seen their last day on my body.
 I love my metallic scarf $4 VV Boutique 
and wore it for real when it started pouring rain and getting cold.

I didn't plan this, but realized later that all elements of my ensemble included circles!  The tunic pattern, my necklace, my hoops, the belt grommets... 
 Even my chin looks round.
 Miz Mooz had circles too!

Did the circles save the crop?  Nope, but at least they distracted the eye!  The lesson: donate the pants, keep the VV Boutique tunic and take a quick snapshot of your ensemble before you go out for the day!

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