Friday 7 September 2012

How do you choose an outfit?

I don't normally work on Fridays but I had to work today and attend a big annual meeting.  Since I was up way too late after Fashion's Night Out VV Boutique-Styled, I didn't have time to plan an outfit for the day.  For special days or big meetings, I enjoy pondering my ensembles and trying on new combinations, checking in on Pinterest or some of my fave bloggers.  No time today, so I planned my outfit while I brushed my teeth.  I wanted to wear something from VV Boutique (so I could share about my adventure with all my work peeps) and look funky and professional.  It was also a beautiful warm fall day... in a stuffy meeting room all day...  Here is what I chose:

 You remember Cleo, my go-to VV Boutique blouse for $6
and the cobalt belt for $3
Gap skirt via clothing exchange circa 2006, George yellow wedge t-straps $19
Necklace from Accessorize circa 2007, bracelets from my closet
I just need a moment to miss Accessorize...sniff sniff.

Did I mention I was on my own this morning with the kids and I had to wash and curl my hair!!!  A girl has priorities!  (hence the self photography)  I tucked the shirt this time and belted it.  (And quickly painted my toenails because like I said, a girl has priorities.)
This is workplace bathroom self-photography.  
Don't worry, my meeting was over.  I did say I was a professional!

I liked how the accessories gave a colour-block feel to the ensemble and I like mixing patterns.  One other fabulous detail: the Gap skirt is size 6!  Which is a total joke but still, it's the only size 6 in my closet so I will keep it forever! 

To summarize, I chose my outfit based on:
  • weather
  • work activities
  • no ironing needed
  • trends (colour blocking)
  • my current obsession with cobalt
  • my mood for the day - this changes.  Sometimes I am feeling the funk, other times I like a clean simple classic look.  I'm unpredictable that way.
I also keep in mind the great guidance from all the excellent bloggers out there.  In particular, I think about Everyday Mom Style's "Power of Three" - an outfit should include three parts!  Hmmm, I have about double that, but what draws my eye is the blouse, the necklace and the belt.  Though the shoes have colour and the skirt has a print, they act more like neutrals here.  Anyway, I think the intent is to not have less than three elements.  Because we can do better than that!!!

The awesome Ain't No Mom Jeans gals also changed my life back in March 2011 with their Key to Cool Layering - two pieces are NOT enough!  Trust me.  I've tried this out almost every day since then, and sure enough, if I am dissatisfied with my outfit, I'm low on my layering pieces.  Add something, and it's all good!  There aren't three layers to my outfit today, I know!  I'm just sharing a bit of my thought process when choosing an outfit!

One of my favourite sources for inspiration is StyleMint in case you hadn't notice from the billions of references.  Here are some of the looks that were speaking to me today: 
My take on this would be to drape a scarf around my neck and then belt it.
This was discussed during FNO. 
Love the colours and the belt AND the idea of putting a longer collared shirt underneath.
I think I have a linen dress that would work...!  

A special message to my FNO entourage: remember that dress she tried on, beige-ish?  This look needs to happen with that dress.  So go back and get it.  You know who you are.
After spending an hour with scarves at VV Boutique, I'm interested in different ways to wear what I've got.
I like how this one drapes and hangs in the back.
Maybe my belt isn't so wrestler-esque after all!!!

Sooooooo, how do YOU choose an outfit?!  Any tips or inspiration to share?  VV Boutique Style wants to know!

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