Wednesday 19 September 2012

Nightmare at VV Boutique (AKA Shopping for Pants)

Last Tuesday night, I went shopping for pants, specifically, work pants.  For me, that is a broad definition.  I could wear anything from jeans to suits to work, depending on my tasks for the day.  (Though I did hear that one site has banned coloured denim!!  As if that is the most offensive thing people wear.  Ahem yoga pants, cough cough.)  I thought there was a 30% off sale but if I could read, I would have known it was 30% off if you spent $30 on Halloween items.  Now, I know Value Village is the source for Halloween costumes, but that was not my mission; I needed work pants, so discount or not, I wasn't leaving without some.

Is shopping for pants a nightmare for everyone, or just me?  I managed to convince the Thrifting Guru to come with me even though she has sworn time and again that she won't go pants shopping with me anymore.  It's that bad.  I'm hard to fit, too lazy cheap busy to tailor and, basically, a true Fussypants.  It's not you VV Boutique, it's me, all me.  So, after that preamble, you are about to see one of the three pairs I purchased after trying on 67 pairs: the skinny cargo.   
     Ann Taylor skinny cargos $6 VV Boutique

These have been on my wish list since M at Ain't No Mom Jeans has been going on and on about her J Brand Houlihans since 2010!!!  I had never even heard of J Brand or Houlihans but was quickly educated!  Obviously mine aren't quite the same, but I think these have the same vibe and I fell in love instantly.   
Skinny legs, side pockets and ankle zips = VV Boutique Houlihans!

They were super comfortable and I envision wearing them a hundred ways!  Today I paired them with three other "thrifted" pieces.
Gap merino wool navy cardi, second-hand from my favourite Megan
Bangles, second hand from my Sister Thrifter
Wood bead necklace $3 VV Boutique

I looooovvvveee this necklace.  It is so interesting and unique, exactly the kind of little thing to make a big difference!
Sheer shell top $16 Forever XXI

I felt awesome in this ensemble today!  
 Green pointy flats circa 2007

My nightmare resulted in a J Brand Houlihan-ish dream come true thanks to VV Boutique!  It was all worth it in the end!  

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  1. The Bangles are circa Accessorize. We miss you in Canada Accessorize.


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