Friday 14 September 2012

Do Over

Sometimes when you make a colossal style error, you just can't wait to try again.  Since I was working in a completely different place on Wednesday and would see no one that I had seen on Monday, I decided to give my beloved tunic another chance to shine with a better ensemble!  Here is my do-over (photo on-location at my favourite Megan's):
Tunic $6 VV boutique
Oxmo leggins $40 C'est Sera
Charcoal cardi from C'est Sera circa 2008

This time I went with leggings and wore it loose.  The inspiring-as-always Ain't No Mom Jeans ladies had just posted about pairing a short blazer with a long dress and leggings, so I thought this combo was a timely take on their advice!  I thought the long necklace helped give it some shape and upheld the "rule of 3" from another favourite Megan.
Necklace $4 VV Boutique, bracelet from my closet 
 Handmade earrings, gift from my talented sister....
Pointy flats $6 VV Boutique 

All in all, I felt more modern and stylish with this ensemble than when I paired the tunic with those dreaded crop pants.  I still like the look of it belted, but maybe with my fab J Brand denim or other bottoms instead.  Stay tuned!
One last look, courtesy of solo-parenting self photography.

While at work, I was chatting with a stylish teacher who was wearing a version of the same outfit but I bet she paid more than $6 for her tunic and shoes!  And one of my favourite very stylish coworkers was going for a job interview with VV Boutique that very afternoon - she is looking for a second job and wants to just have fun!  Sounds awesome and she would be awesome there!  Can't wait to hear whether she got the job!  Then I will have an inside-man at VV Boutique!!    

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