Monday 17 September 2012

Peplum Spectrum

I have said it before and I will say it again: I am blessed with awesome friends.  The kind of friends that hear about my little project, understand and respect my "rules" and then give me clothes because that classifies as second-hand.  And that is how I came to have a 100% free 100% silk Banana Republic silk peplum top.   
I have been gobbling up the peplum posts including this one yesterday from Real Girl GlamI think "peplum" is on a spectrum.  (These are words from day job spilling into my hobby.)  Long, short, belted, on shirts, on dresses - peplums are every way, everywhere.  I'm old enough to stay away from the 80's looking peplum (for now at least, considering I once said I'd never wear jeggings) but I still wanted to partake of this trend and have been keeping my eye out for one at VV Boutique.  No luck.  Then, my favourite Megan offered this one - with feminine ruffles and a non-80s peplum vibe.
My work schedule today involved straight-up consultation instead of the usual paint, floor time and boogers, which meant that I could wear a silk blouse without it being a disposable silk blouse!   
Hundred-year-old boring brown pants from Winners 
Leather slingbacks from Korea circa 1997

I have mentioned on Twitter that I have a serious pants crisis.  My work pants are bad and believe it or not, these are the best of the bunch.  However, they are wide-legged and drapey so I decided they were "classic".  There is a 30% off sale at VV Boutique tomorrow so I plan to go hunting after dinner.

I thought of this scarf when I read Everyday Mom Style's "10 Fall Trends."  It is a bulky, patterned yet neutral-ish scarf!  Aren't I trendy?
Scarf $5 H&M
Gap denim jacket circa 2002
Bracelets from my closet

I also note that pairing a casual denim jacket with polished pieces looks chic. 

Okay, I admit that's total baloney.  I just didn't have another jacket that would work, so denim it was.  But I acted chic and that's all that counts.

Thank you Megan and Megan's mom (the peplum is actually third-hand!) for your generosity - that is true style!

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