Thursday 8 January 2015

Winter Layers: Cardi + Blazer

In case you missed my whining across the Internets, I've been sick since Monday and am still sick!  I managed to get to work today but as I was getting dressed I thought, I need the closest thing to pajamas that still looks professional and is warm enough for the ridiculously cold temperatures we've been having in Alberta.  Here's what I came up with:
All VV Boutique

The pants are stretchy like leggings therefore the only pants I could fathom on a day like today.  As for the top half, I was pinspired by menswear...
If HE can wear a blazer AND a cardi, then so can I.
And get me a coffee.
Instead of a tie, I wore an Accessorize necklace from my closet and some thrifted earrings!

I needed layers because when you're sorta recovering from being sick, and when you work with children in the school system, you never know when you might have to add or remove a layer.  For example, I kept the blazer ON while participating in a line hip-hop dance lesson, but removed it when I got a kindergarten class to do the plank.  Which I wasn't sure I could do until I did it.  Phew.
This blazer has teal, mustard, orange, purple, brown!
I can't believe I ever considered passing it by!
Matchy-matchy scarf just in case, $5 VV Boutique.

Now, you don't have to be sick or stuck in winter to try this out.  The styling secret is to button up your cardi and choose contrasting colours so it all doesn't meld together. 
I also liked the ruffled detail - added another element of texture.

I was comfortable, warm and stylish.  Makes for a pretty good Wednesday....
Kidding, I know it's Thursday.
Time for Nyquil and bed!

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