Tuesday 6 January 2015

Black Out Style 2015

Sometimes you can't predict how your day will go.  You start off your day in ginormous control top panties to prevent a low-rise-pants post-Christmas muffin top with no clue that you'll end up at an impromptu doctor's appointment with what I like to call "Toddler Doctor" in what can only be taken for scary old lady panties.  That was the kick-off to my Black Out Style 2015 and if nothing else, it was memorable.
Scary panties not shown.  You're welcome.
Some things you can't un-know.  That's what the poor doctor is probably telling himself.

I wanted to start this year's Black Out Style with what I concluded last year's: my yellow pants...
I also wanted to copy the very first look I pinned for the very first Monday Style Prompt - grey top + bright bottom...
Love this look so much!
(minus the black, this month anyway)

Of course, since it's minus bazillion degrees out, I had to wear a wool sweater and socks...
And a long shirt to cover my bum.
Closest thing to a silver cuff that I have, along with a necklace gifted to me by Chantel.
"Will work for jewelry" is a tee I ought to own.
Happy smiles from before I scarred medical youth.
Sweater $4.90, shirt $2.50 VV Boutique

This year, the Black Out Style rules are slightly different! There is still a fantastic prize - a $50 gift certificate from She Does Create - but this year, you get an entry for every day you go without black!  There are no "passes" this year; if you wear black, no entry!  But there will be bonus entries for creativity, enthusiasm and selfies with She Does Create pieces!  To participate and enter, let me know some way some how - tag #BlackOutStyle on Twitter or Instagram, comment here or on Facebook.  If you see me, yell "Black Out Style!"  Stay tuned this month for Black Out Style news and I will announce the prize winner on February 1st!
Let's all brighten up January!


  1. I'd love to participate in Black Out style again this year!

    1. Yay Laura! Have you worn any black-less outfits yet?!! Let me know so I can add entries for the grand prize! Of course, selfies welcome anywhere anytime!


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