Sunday 11 January 2015

Cozy Weekend Style

I'm going on 7 days of sick so what you're about to see won't win photography fame or style fame for that matter but it's part of my real life style so I'm sharing anyway.  Sometimes I think Pinterest and Instagram set up an unrealistic unattainable standard of living, shocking I know.  Though they usually are inspiring, I also love glimpses into real life.  They may not get as many likes, but they resonate with those of us who sometimes wear boring low-key outfits, who spend our weekends doing laundry and baking cookies, who just don't have it all together all the time.
Gap wool sweater $7 VV Boutique
J Brand denim from my closet

I saved this sweater for Black Out Style, knowing it would be the perfect casual cozy piece! 
Glamour duo.
Now I want one.  And so do you.
Did a lot of this today in a chair as hold as the hills.
Just call me decor queen.
Borrowed the scarf from my roomie!
Loved how it added some metallic dimension to the sweater.
Fireplace selfie.

So there you go.  Jeans and a sweater, cookies and a fire.  Not so bad, huh?
Cozy sweater, cozy fire!

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