Wednesday 21 January 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Update from the front:

     Days without fever in the house - 0
     Days without complaining - 0
     Days without watching too much Hulk - 0

That's right, since January 5th at least one person in my household has had a nasty fever virus every single day, and we're not done yet.  That means that normal functioning, like a full night's sleep and well-planned outfits, are out the window for the mom.  That's me.  

I wanted to call this post, "What to Wear When You Wish You Were Staying Home With Your Sick Kids" then decided that was overly descriptive.  But the gist of it is, I'm a working mom and a sometimes solo-parent so months weeks like these are about survival while trying not to look like total crap.  And with that winning introduction, here's my OOTD, voila!
Pink cord blazer $9 Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Gap navy cords $4.20, Clarks booties $10 VV Boutique
Heart necklace $2 MCC Thrift Shop
Plain white tee and other accessories from my closet

I have wanted to wear this pink blazer for a while!  I love the details...
The buttons and ruching around the shoulders and pockets won me over!

But everything I paired it with felt too stiff.  So I did a little Pinterest research on blush blazers when I couldn't sleep while listening to my wee ones cough and cough and cough, and the predominant pairing was a white under-layer.  That worked perfectly well for my Wednesday since about all I could manage was a plain white tee...
And an accessory trifecta, but that's so I don't feel naked.
I'm down two photographers, including my best 4yo.
The remaining 9yo likes to take creative shots... of Mommy's roots.

Last weekend during my closet edit with Kristen, we discussed that a blazer is an easy way to upgrade your look, and today that proved to be true.  It was a simple outfit, but the interesting pink blazer made it look more polished and professional and stylish.
Couldn't help but notice I matched the sunrise!
You started off pretty, Wednesday, and finished with one kid on the mend!
Not bad for a Wednesday!

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