Thursday 29 January 2015

Complementary Colours

This week's Monday Style Prompt for the final week of Black Out Style was to wear complementary colours, and I've been trying to do it all week long!  I vowed to myself to wear each primary colour and its complement at least once.  I started with red and green, moved onto yellow and purple... 
Mixed opinions on Facebook and Instagram but I ended up going with the bottom looks...
And regretted it as soon as I drove away from the house!

Wednesday was so very Wednesday-ish.  I failed to follow my own styling tips for the yellow/purple, then struggled to make a decision and ended up unsatisfied.  To console myself, I made a quick evening trip to VV Boutique and scored just what I needed to pull together a new and satisfactory blue and orange outfit today!
Navy striped skirt $3.50, navy & lace top $4.90 , Banana Republic wool orange blazer $13.30, Arnold Churgin boots $6.40.  All VV Boutique.
Gifted navy leggings and She Does Create earrings.

I have been hunting for a striped skirt for AGES.  It's something I check for every time I go thrifting and last night I finally found my luck (despite Wednesday)
The jersey fabric meant I was totally comfortable to crawl on the floor and do what I needed to at work today!  #lifeofglamour
I wasn't expecting ruching and layering in said skirt, but now that I have it, I'm glad I do!

I'm no stranger to orange and blue.  I wear my orange pants with blue all the time!  And navy is a great neutral that works with pretty much everything, but it looks meant to be with orange!
The whole complementary thing isn't just colour wheel frivolity!
There is science behind these colour combos for easy style!
We're going to be spending a lot of time together, Striped Skirt!!

Before you stop reading, one matter remains: the last day of Black Out Style 2015 - January 31st!  Last year, I challenged everyone to wear their brightest outfits.  This year, of course I encourage you to do the same but I'm upping the ante: wear your brightest AND NO NEUTRALS.  No grey, no navy, no brown, no olive - I'm talking head-to-toe colour for a winter Saturday!  WE CAN DO IT!  Then, we'll bring back black on Monday!  (As for Sunday, well, wear your jeans while watching the Superbowl.)
Tag me with your final Black Out Style selfie for one last chance to enter the grand prize draw for She Does Create fabulousness!

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  1. That navy and orange compilation is divine! I liked all your purple and mustard combos too. Thanks for hosting such a great challenge! :)


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