Tuesday 7 October 2014

Sweater Over Dress

Did Monday even happen?  I vaguely recall something about urging everyone to wear a sweater over a dress... *Some people* complained they would be too hot but it started as a cloudy drizzly day so hopefully *some people* got over it.
I for one was perfectly cozy with my sweater-dress combo.

This Monday Style Prompt was strange, as it turned out.  On the one hand, putting on a sweater and dress is easy dressing.  On the other hand, anyone over size -2 may look a bit buxom, and yes, I edited out the shots of me looking like a Ukrainian baba. 
This was the most slimming photo I could find.
Indigo by Clarks booties $13

This look is pretty much like wearing a sweater with a skirt, (Lucky mag would agree with me on that combo) but I like that the pattern of the dress peeked through the open-weave sweater.  That's why, amongst my extensive collection of dresses and sweaters, I chose a patterned one.  I also tried a few different accessory options but decided anything dangly only accentuated the bosom situation and not in a good way.
Nonetheless, no necklace should be the exception not the rule, IMHO.

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Monday Style Prompt!  Next week it's going to be fleece, and that ought to ensure a nice warm Monday for us all.  You're welcome in advance.

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