Monday 13 October 2014

Happy Matchy-Matchy Thanksgiving

If you're like me, you may or may not put on real clothes on a holiday Monday.  Since issuing the Monday Style Prompt, I figured I better at least try to ease myself out of stretchy pants into something presentable.  This week's prompt was to wear colour neighbours:
I'm not exactly shy about colour.  I wear whatever colours I want whenever I want and am more concerned about what makes me happy than whether something fits in my colour "season."  I urged everyone to try a new colour combo but I am pretty sure I've tried most colour-neighbour combos, so when I finally got dressed this morning, I based my choice on a thrifted piece waiting in the queue and went with orange and red...
Joe Fresh sweater $3.50 VV Boutique
Fall leaves are so pretty.

I love orange and pink/red or any variation thereof, so naturally when I saw this light-weight sweater for such a great price, I snatched it up.
Orange is pretty much *the* colour of Thanksgiving.  And anyway, I've been wanting to wear my orange pants since I saw Beata wearing hers last week.
I know pink is the predominant colour in the sweater from a distance, but there is plenty of red, making my gifted thrifted Miz Mooz a natural footwear choice!
To complete my Thanksgiving Monday ensemble, I added some accessories which just so happened to seal my down-and-out case of MMS (Matchy Matchy Syndrome)
The top bracelet is by She Does Create and the other two are thrifted from VV Boutique!
Elephant earrings by She Does Create match perfectly.

Sometimes, MMS is okay for me, especially when it brings together so many happy colours in an outfit that cost less than ten dollars
Happy Matchy-Matchy Thanksgiving!


  1. absolutely love this outfit on you!

    1. Thank you so much Maryann! I liked it too even though it's more matchy than my usual inclinations!! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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