Sunday 5 October 2014

Blush & Mustard

Well, I made it to two days of work in two pretty nice thrifted outfits, if I do say so myself!  Here is the outfit from today before I changed into my long weekend camping gear...
Dress $10.50 Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Clarks booties $13, earrings $4, belt $3.50. VV Boutique
Bracelets from She Does Create

I love this dress!  I'm very drawn to blush this Fall and mustard is always a fave!  Without a belt, it's a shift dress and I envision with leggings or tights and my blush sweater in cooler weather...
  It came with a tie belt but I swapped in a leather skinny belt to make the dress more work appropriate.
 She now insists on at least one photo with me, combed hair or not.
Oh look, the dress is perfect with my mustard blazer, gifted but thrifted.
  I also have a cardi or three that will coordinate perfectly!

I started the day feeling like the dress was questionably short, but turns out it was just fine for a day of mostly-meetings (where I *mostly* refrained from expressing every amusing thought that ran through my head...which still left plenty of comments from the one-OT peanut gallery!!  It's hard to be professional in August.)

Luckily, only a couple days to go and then September will hit along with more great outfits, more um professionalism and more fun at work!  Until then, I'm hitting the bush with some friends for the long weekend... By bush, I mean powered site with my waffle maker and blender!

Meanwhile, consider checking out the nearest Salvation Army Thrift Shop - on Saturdays they have colour-tag sales with all pieces in the select colour for a dollar or two!!  Happy Long Weekend Thrifting!

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  1. I have been wearing short black tights under my dresses that are too short. You can find them at Simons. But you probably knew that already. Janet D


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