Sunday 5 October 2014

Peachy Fall Outfit

This is going to come as a shock, but I was running late this morning.  I based my outfit choice on the bag I'm currently carrying because I knew I wouldn't have time to switch purses, though I have been known to do this en route (when someone else is driving, simmer down).  I only got one shot with said bag, and that was at the new church we visited this morning...
Any church that has a disco ball and takes prayer requests by text is probably down with bathroom selfies.

I have had this top for a while but have been reluctant to wear it... the peach and tan seemed a bit old boring to me, but when I paired it with JBrand denim and accessories, I think it looked contemporary.
Top $5.60, peach cardi $2 VV Boutique
JBrand denim B.T. (Before Thrifting)
Accessories by She Does Create
Miz Mooz shoes never hurt anything...
$9.80 VV Boutique

The other thing that makes this top a bit tricky to wear is the high-low hemline.  It makes it almost a crop top in front which is tenuous territory for a 40yo mother of three...
But the open weave back is kinda cool.

Anyway, I think this colour palette mixed with denim is a good example of wearing pastels in Fall.  
 All in all, for a 2-second outfit selection, I was pleased how it turned out.  AND it gave me a good excuse to wear those fab shoes before the snow flies.  But we won't talk about that just yet.
It's a perfectly peachy outfit for a beautiful Fall day!


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    1. Why thank you! Sometimes I surprise myself!

  2. Love your cute top, it has an unusual colour combination to it and perfect for the Autumn. Goes well with the denim. I hope you enjoyed your new Church.


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