Thursday 2 October 2014

Getting my Thrift ON

That's ON as in Ontario, in case you didn't notice how incredibly witty I am.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been gone for the past week, first visiting a friend then attending a great course for my real only day job as an OT.  Naturally, I made everyone in my immediate vicinity go thrift shopping with me, and even spent some time helping my friend edit her closet.  Here is some photo evidence of my Ontario adventures, starting with one of my fave thrift finds, a Nicole Miller tunic from Talize for $8...
Don't panic.  I know this isn't a dress.
I also know I'm not 39 anymore.

I was looking for a long black top to wear with all the cool leggings going around these days.  Today, I wore it with printed pants to work then to a legging party where I bought a skirt...
Art-print pants $7 VV Boutique
Aldo leather pumps $14 VV Boutique
Accessories by She Does Create

I scored some other great pieces for myself...
I fell in love-at-first-sight with this Diane von Furstenberg cashmere blend-wrap dress 
and only later discovered some holes.
#1 I'm going to try to get it repaired.
#2 Shame on you whoever you are for not taking better care of your gorgeous dress.  (Also thank you for donating it.)
Leather snakeskin pencil skirt for $10!!!!
If I buy it, the event will come... right?

My friends found great pieces too, like these Burberry sandals.
Not shown on the feet that actually bought them.
This is my new friend Tara.  
She didn't yet know that sooner or later, my peeps end up on VVBS and/or taking blog photos for me.
Here she is with a Fossil bag that included a pair of sunnies.
#onelenstrend (that's about as enticing as the one-earring trend)

I had a great time thrifting in Ontario!  But going through a closet-edit/shop-your-closet process is even more fun!  
My friend was wondering whether to keep this top.
Uh, it's plaid.  The end.
Looks good with her Flatter:Me belt, mustard chunky-knit cardi and even with some good ol' pattern-mixing.
The scarf adds new life to an old blazer when mixed with the classic chambray.

Another trendy print we played with - 
mixing with purple for contrast, a blazer for business or light and loose with a jersey skirt (for fat days - we all have them).
Apparently printed leggings aren't as happenin' in ON but she has one pair.
I think they look great layered with other pieces in similar colours and hues.
We mixed her existing pieces in new ways to add some novelty to her wardrobe!
A casual sweater over a white skirt works for Fall ... there as opposed to Alber-arctic.
Throw a short-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved dress.
Neutral bottom, chambray blazer, print and statement necklace.
"New" thrifted pieces like this cute cardi extend her wardrobe even further - for about five bucks!
Thrifting is the way to go for wardrobe staples like this black blazer!
Illustrating the short over long over skinny winning style formula!
Illustrating the beauty of a classic outfit with some interesting details, like texture and pattern.
In the end, we edited out a decent amount - enough to get a discount coupon for her next shop!

So much fun!  I even met this friend's friend who is a real live fan of VV Boutique Style!!!  Made my day!!  Other highlights of my trip included dining at one of my Great Uncle's restaurants...
Turns out I have cool Wideman relatives in the food biz.
That must be where I get my love for food blogs.

Also, I had the good fortune of going to the St. Catharines Niagara Wine Festival.
I only had an hour but I made the best of it and I have the t-shirt to prove it.

It was a wonderful trip on so many levels!!  Now I'm back to reality and still digesting all I saw and learned (and ate and drank).  Thanks for the good time, Ontario!  See you again soon! 

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