Thursday 30 October 2014

Happy Thrifted Halloween!

Halloween is THE season for Value Village, so naturally, I get my family's costumes there every year!  Here's a little throwback to my first blogged costume in 2012...
Bat Girl and I had a few martinis that night.

And last year!
There *may* have been martinis last year too... 
Let's just go ahead and call it a VV Boutique Style Halloween tradition.

The first of us to get a costume this year was my daughter, and she is the only one that got a "new" costume, but I had a good reason.  In order to get 30% off my shoe collection, I needed to spend $20 on new red tag Halloween items.  That was the only excuse I needed to snag the perfect costume for a spunky little girl who likes to do things her own way (I have no idea where she gets that from)...
I love my little Ariel!
Her brothers didn't think it was a realistic costume because there was no shell bra.
That's an interesting discussion to find oneself in.

My hubby helped the boys look for costumes one day while I looked at more shoes everything else.  He made a smart play: they could hardly resist the "new" costumes so he had them select what they wanted, then went looking for used pieces to make the same costume - a much better deal and I was able to use a filled 30% off sticker card on those items which would not have applied to new red-tag items.  Brilliant, Mr. Style, brilliant. 
Every mermaid needs two ninja side-kicks.
I wouldn't mess with any of them...
They styled this shot themselves. 

Mr. Style and I couldn't quite decide what we wanted for our costumes for a Halloween party last weekend.  We anticipated the host family would be going with a Peter Pan theme so went with complimentary costumes...
Real men wear wings.
It's not as easy as you might think to find a man-sized green dress, but we lucked out, did a bit of DIY and the rest is history!
This was as close as I could get him to pompom heels.

Tinker-man took home the adult costume prize that night!  As for me, since Tink was taken and there was already a mermaid and Wendy...
Tiger Lily!
Come to think of it, all the women in the original Peter Pan (except sweet Wendy) have a bit of an attitude...
A little DIY with scissors, a glue gun and a sharpie was all I needed to complete my costume!
I even found leather moccasins in the right colour!!
Ribbons and a feather from my craft stash and $1 thrifted green leather belt!

I can't recall how much everyone's costumes were, but mine was less than $25 including the wig.  I find it way more fun to create a costume from thrifted pieces than buying new and I'm already thinking of what group costume we can do next year!!  I hope you took advantage of all that Value Village has to offer at Halloween, and if not, there's still time before trick or treating tonight!
Happy Halloween!


  1. So So Funny Mr. Style.
    Love it all…the Mermaid definitely has the posing down - she was smiling with her eyes.
    The Ninjas are very scary and I would not know they were from the regular VV stock, not the new costumes - well done!

    So Fun!

  2. lol! i love it! sorry to mess with your costume plan - if i'd known, i would have made the boys go as lost boys! ;) but it was still fun! love the family picture - it turned out great! i think all of our costumes this year were either from vv, borrowed, homemade, or from our closet. feels like an accomplishment!


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