Monday 8 September 2014

September Snow Can Suck It

In case you missed it, I shared something new and exciting on Facebook... the Monday Style Prompt!  Every weekend, I will issue a style prompt to help you figure out what to wear on Monday morning and get the week off to a stylish start!  This is the perfect fashion challenge IMHO for a few reasons:
  1. Monday mornings are the worst.
  2. Month-long fashion challenges are hard to maintain (EXCEPT of course Black Out Style which is really just an excuse to go shopping)
  3. Daily style prompts can be a bit intimidating and sometimes a bit too general for my liking
I have no prizes, no nothing except an appreciative nod if I see someone walking around rocking the prompt (thank you Megan) and my undying gratitude if you take a selfie and tag me @VVBoutiqueStyle and/or use the hashtag #MondayStylePrompt (thank you Sunshine SLP).  It's just for fun, because life is too short to not have fun, even on a Monday, even when that Monday is in September and even when that September Monday is covered in SNOW!  I for one feel like Snow has had its fair share of attention on the Internets today so I'm not going to give it much more except to tell it, as nicely as possible... (see title).  Snow, I'm not done wearing skirts and dresses WITHOUT leggings or tights and I only just got comfortable wearing socks with my skirts, so don't go pushing your luck making me wear them daily.  In fact, I'm going to pretend like you don't exist in September.  October is more than soon enough.

With this attitude, I went ahead and wore what I had planned to wear for the inaugural Monday Style Prompt: "grey top + bright bottom"...
Banana Republic pink and grey striped tee $12 consigned from reFind Clothing
Socks and sweater from my closet B.T. (Before Thrifting)

My look was inspired by a blogger I just discovered after spotting her grey top-bright bottom outfit in the September People Style Watch, Amy Ann Arnolds from the Real Arnolds.  Simple, stylish and accessorized! 
Grey is my comfort colour.  Perfect for days like today.
I added the striped tee because Snow.
My daughter already asked if she can have this locket when I die she grows up.
This Cleo skirt is a stretchy structured knit with flattering tailoring.
Don't stare at my knees too long or it will get weird for both of us.

I know of at least four other people who took on the Monday Style Prompt - THANK YOU!  I had fun and I hope you did too!  I created a Pinterest Monday Style Prompt board in case you like the idea but need a little more inspiration (or if you just like to look at nice outfits!).
A little snow won't stop me from wearing a perfectly skirty outfit.

Stay tuned because I will issue the next Monday Style Prompt next weekend - I think we will have a lot of fun with this all winter autumn long!
Thoughts behind my expression: 
"This snow can suck it.  I wonder if I can say that on the Internet..."


  1. I took part in MondayStylePrompt but forgot to take a photo. I wore - hot pink jeggings, a black t-shirt (I don't have any grey tops, ack!), and the grey leopard print scarf you found me at our VV trek last fall. Thanks for making Monday so much less painful!

    1. Thank YOU for playing along! It does make Mondays more fun! Can't wait for this week's Monday Style Prompt!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I love your outfit.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    1. Thank YOU Amy for so graciously responding to an outfit imitation!! I love your style and your blog and wish I didn't discover it just as I was heading back to work after the summer! I'd like to take a few hours and a coffee and read through your archives! Despite my less-than-ladylike title here (!), I too am a woman of faith and love to see stylish fashion and faith bloggers! I also love your 14 goals and will be pitching that to my hubby this weekend! Looking forward to more "Real Arnolds!"

  3. Super cute outfit! I will admit, I am not a huge fan of the socks/boots/sandals etc, but I think you pull it off well. I feel like my legs are a little too chunky to be able to have it look right, therefore, I am wearing my skirts with my taller boots. At least it helped combat the Edmonton chill slightly this week. And I agree, the snow can SUCK it! Of course, I am off to Helsinki, Finland next tomorrow for work, and it actually looks like it's supposed to be nicer here. Typical of my luck.

    1. Thanks Amy! I haven't seen anyone but me try this trend out (um, maybe it's not actually a trend, maybe I'm walking around looking like a crazy person) but I would be interested in trying it out on different heights and shapes. I think I just happen to have lower legs that work with it, combined for a deep dislike of pants that makes me more willing to give the trend a try! Let us know what the Helsinki girls are wearing! So exciting (despite the weather)! We are having another Sister Thrifters Fall Backyard Boutique on the 21st - will you be around? (hasn't been officially announced yet but we have been collecting!!)


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