Monday 22 September 2014

Chambray Monday

Sooooo,- I started and ended my day in chambray, but the 29-degree heat and 29-kid classroom scared it right off of me in between...
My "always late" two-second selfie before running out the door (literally).
Chambray $6 Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Accessories from my closet
The rest of the photos are from the end of the day when I tried (not very hard) 
to NOT look disheveled and tired, counting the seconds till I can get my jammies on.

What can I say?  When I selected this week's Monday Style Prompt, I figured a chambray would be a safe bet for the first official day of Autumn.  Since we already had a taste of winter, I thought a few warm days would come but not actual hot summer.  
Even my super cute $4.50 leather Marks and Spencer ballet flats were too hot today.

I was all prepared to blog about how the chambray was perfect for making my pretty dress casual enough for my work environment... how you can knot or belt a chambray over a dress to transition it to Fall... blah blah blah.  Then I started sweating, ditched the top and belt ASAP and pondered how the last time I wore the dress, I was enjoying a flight of champagne at 10:30am in Napa Valley.  Sigh.  However, my day today started with a new colleague saying, "I saw you on TV!" So that was pretty cool and eased my champagne-less situation slightly.
I may not have kept this $2 vintage leather belt on for long, but I liked it while I wore it.

SO, a very special THANK YOU to anyone who attempted the Monday Style Prompt and bonus points to anyone that managed to keep their shirt chambray on all day long.
 When is the last time you saw a fashion blogger accidentally posing with a whoopee cushion?
On the fireplace mantle, no less.  There's also a ring pop and bubble gum nuggets.

PS. If you're reading this on Tuesday September 23, don't forget about Fashion's Night Out TONIGHT at the 34th Value Village location!  

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  1. don't forget the angel! in the picture :) blessings on your day!


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