Thursday 18 September 2014

Greatest Thrift Score

This time last night, I was scanning the Shaw Conference Center for my number at the 26th Annual Feastival, not just because I was looking forward to the next course, but also because it meant I could take my new favourite shoes for a walkabout.  May I present my greatest thrift score yet...
Robert Clergerie $9.10 VV Boutique
These shoes retail for $600 plus!!!

The story of these stunning shoes: I knew what dress I wanted to wear to Feastival but just didn't have the right pair of shoes to wear with it (fresh out), and my thrifting intuition prompted me to make a thrift-shop-stop on the way home from work to look for classic black pumps.  Well, not only did I find leather Aldo black pump perfection and another pair of Anthro-brand printed pumps, I stumbled upon these perfect-condition sandals in the size-section above mine.  I'm pretty sure the heavens opened and angels sang when they fit. 
Be still my heart.

This proves yet again my thrift shopping recommendation to look at least a size above and a size below your regular, just in case.  The shoes definitely made my outfit!
Dress $12.75, vintage black bag $10 VV Boutique
Accessories from my closet B.T. (Before Thrifting)
This is nice and all...
But these are amazing.

AND they were comfortable to walk in!  I don't think I could sprint ever in them, but I could walk with ease and my feet didn't hurt at all despite being so high that I was nearly as tall as my 6' 3" hubby! 
I only look shorter than him because I'm being dainty-like to show off the shoes.
Being so tall in my shoes made me think I could eat like a 6'3" man, so I did.  YUM
Waiting in line for a delicious meal...
Might as well take some more photos of my shoes while I'm waiting.
That wasn't weird for the guy behind me at all.
(I barely refrained from telling him the story of my shoes.)

It was another great event in Edmonton in another great thrifted outfit!  If these Robert Clergerie shoes don't convince you to try thrifting, maybe the outfit I'm wearing on Breakfast TV Edmonton tomorrow morning will!  That's right, in a few short hours I will be at the BTE studios with 4 fabulous friends to show off our thrifted Fall outfits and talk about Fashion's Night Out coming up on September 23rdWe are on at 7:10am so tune in and see which friend has the cheapest outfit!  Any bets whether any of them will beat me!?!

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