Wednesday 10 September 2014

Preppy Patterns

Since I am in a happy delusion that Snow and its cold temperatures don't exist in September, I'm wearing skirts every day doing what the fashion mags suggest for "transitioning to fall" - pairing them with ankle booties instead of flats.  Because that's enough.  (speaking of delusions)  Today, I put together what I deem a preppy look even though I'm not entirely sure what that means...
I rebelled as a youth by refusing to enter math competitions.
Does that make me preppy?

Maybe it's just the combo of button-up top plus cardi that gave me a preppy impression...  
 But I couldn't leave it at that...
Nope, I added some leopard print socks because I dig the chemistry of mixing stuff together!
I also liked chemistry in my youth (once I realized I could do it after recovering from my teachers' low blonde expectations).
Does that make me preppy?

A note about leopard print: the mags call it this season's neutral and I agree because a neutral is something that plays along well with others.  And leopard print does just that, yet still manages to hold onto its unique identity.  Pretty sure leopard print is preppy...
 I added a tidy belt to bring a little Matchy Matchy Syndrome to the look.
Does MMS make me preppy?

I hate to ruin my imaginary definitions of preppy by Googling, so I'm not going to, but if I'm way off base in calling this outfit "preppy," please forgive me.  In any case, I think it presents an easy Fall fashion formula: skirt + button top + printed/colourful/interesting cardi + socks/booties.  You can go full-on matchy matchy or try mixing things for a little chemistry!
If you're extra lucky, you will have a little sidekick like me.
Her braids make us both preppy.
Chambray $6 Salvation Army Thrift Shop
Hot Sox from Fisherman's Warf in SF

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