Monday 11 August 2014

Vintage Mikasa Dishes at VV

I'm right in the middle of the "I can't have nice things" years what with my three young kids, a messy husband, a new puppy and, let's face it, little to no desire to do housekeeping and home maintenance.  I assume these years end, and one day my kids will stop dangling carabiners off the balcony ripping holes in the drywall, and stop breaking any piece of decor that I put out, but meanwhile, I just focus on the little parts of my life I can control, like my closet.

For that reason, I haven't spent much time thrifting household goods though I have found some cool things.  As with clothing, I believe you should look to secondhand sources first for home decor and such, and so I went to VV Boutique last week looking for some new dishes.  Since I didn't have a traditional wedding (I asked people to bring a batch of cookies instead of a gift - that tells a lot about my priorities), I don't have "china";  I have Corelle and, for when I'm being fancy, Ikea (that I thrifted!).  However, I was having a special friend over for dinner and wanted to step up my dinner-party game, so I hauled the kids to VV Boutique and promised them each a book in exchange for some time to browse the housewares.

At first, I missed them, sitting on the bottom shelf all unassuming...
Then I had a second look and realized they were Mikasa...
And then I realized that the pattern was pretty cool and had some of my favourite colours - mustard and green!
Then I asked my sister's opinion and when she started to try to coerce convince me that they would be perfect for a vintage-loving jewelry-designer, I knew the plates had serious home style potential!  I loaded up the 30 pieces for $35 (using a 30% off coupon from a filled donations sticker card) and brought them to their new home!  Allow me to introduce you...
Dinner plate
Cookie Salad plate
Cereal/candy bowl
Cup and saucer

There are two different patterns so I googled them, natch.  Big Sis was right!  They are vintage, from 1976 - 1979!  Not quite as old as I am.  The plain pattern Natural Beauty bowls have a replacement value of around $14 and, though I couldn't find specific info for the Bountiful pattern, I imagine they would be approximately the same value or more.  That means my 30 pieces for $35 would likely be worth at least $300 or more. 

This is a ballpark because I'm an OT who loves clothes, not an antique appraiser or girl with a dragon tattoo researcher.

And what it means for my real life is that every time I use them, I'll be reminded of a great thrifted score, yet they're not SO valuable that I'll be afraid to use them or cry when, inevitably, one of my kids breaks one.  They were put to good use Saturday night...
This is how you set the table when you've accidentally had two 4-oz gin drinks.  Oops.
Maple-smoked pork roast, phyllo pizza, massaged kale salad...

Hopefully these vintage Mikasa dishes will be the start of the "you can have SOME nice things" years!

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